What are the trendiest wedding updos in Nigeria in 2016?

For all of women wedding is a grand celebration. At this day you are really happy, because it is a special day for you and your future husband. Anyway it is important to be irresistible at this day, because every detail can provoke bad mood during the whole day.

Bad updos, ugly make up can destroy everything. So, there are beauty pieces of advice about how to be amazing at your wedding. But firstly i would like to mention the Nigerian tradition of weddings.

In Nigeria preparing for weddings  so long.

Exactly a year before the wedding the future bride is removed in a separate building and lives carefree and also avoids the slightest physical activity. The bride’s relatives try to overfeed her, they usually prepare the high-calorie food. In Nigeria the brides usually are stout (it is hard to imagine how much they can gain in a year, eating only high-calorie food and doing nothing). They consider that skinny women won’t be happy in marriage and life.

Wedding in Nigeria

Nigeria is an interesting country with unique culture and traditions.

Despite the fact that nowadays the African continent is increasingly focused on European standards, but anyway there are still wedding traditions among local population

The first step in the wedding process signifies the first meeting of both families, where they can know each other better. The groom's family always gives gifts to the bride's family. Presents usually consist of vegetables, livestock or money.

 After that, the bride moves to the groom's house, and if the family is satisfied with her behavior, they allow them to get married.

Today's Nigerian wedding is a merging of two cultures – they can spend it in churches, often they wear European clothes, and the second culture is traditional: they wear national costumes, prepare traditional food and also they listen to the traditional music.

One of the essential attributes of a Nigerian bride is the Gel (Gele), a kind of crown of the bride.
The beauty of women from the local population has always been associated with impressive women dimensions. So if the woman was plump it was a guarantee of a successful marriage.

The Nigerian guy who wants to get married must go to his future bride through a corridor of her relatives. To prove that he is ready to endure all the hardships and difficulties of their future cohabitation, the bride's family really needs to beat him with sticks.

During the wedding ceremony of Yoruba people the groom and his friends prostrate themselves before members of the family of the bride. And then appears his bride hidden under a veil.

Also I want to show some wedding updos in 2016 for Nigerian beautiful women.

Every woman wants the fairy tale in her life, so i wish you to be happy with your future husband!

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