What are the weirdest wedding dresses?

Every person at least once wishes to be the center of attention. One thing you can do is wear something extraordinary and a little weird, especially if it's your wedding day.

Every day it’s getting heavier to surprise the people around. Beautiful things seem to be normal and don’t cause any emotions. So, today we’re going to show you the most unusual wedding dresses.

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  • Dress made of peacock feathers. The dress made of peacock feathers is stunning and the idea is really eccentric. This fancy dress of a Chinese designer consusted of 2009 feathers from the the peacocks’ tail, along with 60 nephritis. It was on display in the window of a wedding Expo in Nanjing (China) in 2009. Peacock wedding dress costed 1.9 million dollars.

wedding dress with feathers

  • A wedding dress with a very long veil. If the bride wants to chooses a special dress with a long veil for the most special day in her life, then she must ensure that her bridesmaids will look beautiful carrying it during the official ceremony. Perhaps it  looks a little bit strange, but at least everyone will remember the most unusual bride.

long veil dress

  • A dress that looks like a cage. Is the bride making a hint about what the groom should expect after the wedding and throughout their life together? The dress can be the perfect outfit for some alien bride. By the way the creator of this dress is Jean Paul Gaultier himself.


  • A gothic wedding dress. This wedding is done in gothic style. The dress code of all the guests was in black color and it seemed that all invited guests gathered to say goodbye to someone on his last journey. The bride came to the wedding in this charming dress laying in a coffin.

gothic dress

  • The longest wedding dress in the world. After selecting the wedding dress, the train is the accent that sets the tone of the event. The length should match the time and place of the ceremony but this elegant dress can look very odd if it stretches for several kilometers. In this case, the plume gives some inconvenience to the guests. Hardly anyone at this wedding can look at the bride because their attention is attached to her endless dress.

longest dress

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