What are the worst selfie poses for girls?

Do you know what the worst poses to take selfies are? As selfies conquer the world, we wanted to make sure you know the basic of selfies-etiquette to save your face in front of the friends you want to impress with it.


I would start with the reason for great popularity of the selfies. What do they do and what is their function? I know that the self-portray was invented to take pictures of places you want to remember in case there is no one around to take a picture of you.

There is a famous portray of a lady that took a picture of herself in a mirror. The picture was dated sometime in the beginning of the 20th century. What a beautiful picture it was! A beautiful lady in a stunning dress. Not just some duck-face!

However, the definition of a selfie and its meaning has changed dramatically. Now selfies are the mainstream. Applications like Instagram are on their peak of popularity. And why?

selfie stick

Because people like to brag and attract attention. however, how do they do it might be a little repelling. As one joke says: “Love, eat, laugh, but please do not post it all on Facebook!” So what are the most repelling pictures and poses for selfies?

First of all, pictures in bed. They are meant to say: “Look, man, I am so cool!” You have all the rights to enjoy long mornings when you do not have to go anywhere. However, there is no need to brag about it. And you know why? Because nobody cares, and it just looks silly.

The other repelling kind of selfies is known as a “duckface”. I have no idea who invented this kind of pictures, but it is just too sassy. Girls instead wearing their beautiful smiles want to look sexy, so they make a duckface. If only you could see what men think of these faces when they see it. It is not sexy; moreover, it doesn’t really make you look smart.

take a selfie

The other selfie that are annoying is when a girl is taking a picture in the bathroom mirror. Why would anyone think that seeing you in such a place? Can you imagine how your post would look like on the newsfeed of people reading the world’s news, worrying about global warming and Brexit consequences – and then you in your bathroom (probably making a duckface to look better?) If you are taking selfies, at least make them valuable by capturing important events on them.

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Okay, I will also say this: no one needs to know what you eat and how it looks like. Unless you just want to share a great recipe on a special website, please do not post pictures of you eating a fancy meal. If you came to a restaurant with your friend, do not waste your time taking selfies with you and your food. Talk to your friend: it will impress him more than your selfies!

selfie time

Oh, and the other one is a selfie in a mirror of a gym. Sure, you are working very hard there. However, if you want your friends to see progress, there is no need of taking hundreds of pictures in a gym. You will look great, even without all these pictures. It is a funny thing, hough: probably, some people believe they will be great shape just because they are members of a gym and sometimes come there to take a selfie.

It is also getting quite popular to tale selfies with famous people. It is only available to those who spend their time on the streets where celebrities live or go shopping. Nevertheless, people tend to run after a celebrity begging for just one selfie. Just imagine yourself when you have no private space, and people keep torturing you with selfie requests. I am not even talking how good that poor celebrity will look on it after at least of 20 previous passers-by asked him for one.

Among worst poses is also the one when you try to jump on your friend or at least put your leg on it. It is not fun anymore; it just as old as this world. Think of other ways of taking a selfie with your friend when you do not want to just stand with her on a picture.

taking selfie

The other bad pose is when you try to squeeze your friends when hugging. It can only be applied to a picture in case you are saving them from falling off a mountain, so you have to hug them as hard as you can to save their lives, okay?

And watch your eyes: girls like to blink on their selfies. However, it does not look cool when you are half way through it on a picture. Take your time and get a nice picture.

Do not take selfies where you pretend to be asleep. Your friends know you are not asleep, for you have just posted a picture online! And also if you like your pet so much, post a picture of your pet. When you get on that picture, you steal the focus!

Other than this, enjoy your life and take pictures at moments you want to remember!

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