What Are Traditional Wedding Hairstyles of Nigerian Women?

How important is the wedding hairstyle for the Nigerian bride? What wedding accessories does she usually use for this special? Find out from my article below!

Nigerian wedding hairstyle

Wedding is one of the most important days in the life of a girl. Thus, she always wants to look perfect in every aspect. And a wedding hairstyle is one of those important things that require much attention.

Internet has tons of pictures of Nigerian wedding hairstyles as they are considered to be extremely beautiful. They are generally divided into three main styles: with coral beads, gold-adorned ones and braided hair with a shawl.

  1. Hairstyles with coral beads
    These beads are believed to be a symbol of wealth and prosperity of the family a bride comes from. Thus, Nigerians believe that the more beads you have in your hair, the wealthier her family is.
    However, coral beads are also used to emphasize the beauty of a bride. The hairstyles can be of different shape and have any kind of beads the bride wants. You can see the most beautiful ones on the pictures below.
    Coral bead hairstyle
  2. Gold-adorned styles
    Some brides, especially those coming from elite families, choose gold as an accessory for their wedding hairstyle.  In most cases bride’s hair is worn long with several beautiful hair combs in her hair.
    These combs are made of gold and can be of different shapes each representing a certain meaning. Such hairstyles are mostly popular among brides from Efik community. Thus is explained with the historic background: Efik women were not allowed to cut their hair short. They only got their hair cut when being punished for severe wrongdoings.
    Gold-adorned hairstyle
  3. Braided hair with a shawl
    Kanuri brides have their own tradition on the wedding hairstyle. When it comes to hair, a bride-to-be had to wear it loose before the wedding day.
    This way the female relatives of the groom could nicely wash for her as a sign of two families becoming one. Later hairstylists braided her hair in whatever way she wanted (no special restrictions) and covered her head with a shawl.
    Shawl hairstyle

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As you see, Nigerians took their wedding preparations very seriously and had a special approach to each aspect of the day. You can read more about other wedding traditions of Nigerians on our website – and will certainly love the culture.

It is also worth mentioning that some Nigerians have two wedding days, each of them equally important. The first wedding day is called “White wedding”. On this day families of the couple go to church and watch the priest perform the ceremony.

Shawl wedding hairstyle

Usually bride wears her white dress and the whole ceremony is somewhat westernized including their approach to the wedding hairstyles as well as wedding decorations.

However, the second wedding day is a traditional Nigerian wedding day with specific rituals and traditions specific to each region.


Hi to all! Valid marriage - is the best and most important step and a day in the life of every woman of any nationality! Therefore, according to 100% with the previous comment !!! Wedding and marriage is a very important step in the life of every woman! This phase of the new family nest! Therefore Appreciate each other and take care !!! After all, the family is all that is in our life! Love and be loved !!!! Hold the wedding day so that it always remains in your heart and memory !!!!!! Keep yourselves!!!!

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I think the hairstyle is not only important for the Nigerian women, but also for every woman , a girl who is getting married . To be honest, I never heard about that Nigerian girls are something special hairstyles . But , after reading the article and viewing photos , I realized that quite stylish hairstyles , unusual and at the same time refined . I was particularly surprised by the hair weave with a shawl . With gold ornaments hair looks for the rich . Well, with the beads it seemed to me exquisite , beautiful and a little ordinary .

Answered 1 year ago.
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