What are trendy Black Women’s Hairstyles in 2016?

Do you want to look fashionable? Read and find out what hairstyles are trendy right now!

hairstyles 2016

Do you find fashion very important? There are a lot of trendy hairstyles for long hair as well as for short hair too. No matter what type of hair you have, you can still look fashionable.

For example, curly hairstyles are very popular among Nigerian women now. But you can find any hairstyle for any kind of hair.

Hairstyles for the straight hair – Change the color

If you have nice naturally straight hair there are a lot of things you can do in order to look beautiful every day.

For example, you can try the hairstyle called Bob. It is very popular among all the women and it looks just gorgeous. Your hair would become shorter in the back but it will stay long in the front.

It looks very unusual and neat at the same time.

hairstyles 2016

Moreover, it doesn’t necessarily have to be absolutely perfect. You can try making the length different on every side.

In addition to this, you can try a new color. It’s summer right now so why not go for something bright and colourful? It will impress your family and friends.

Moreover, it will make this summer 2016 unforgettable! So how do you choose a color? Well, you can choose something that will look great with your eyes.

What you can also do is ask your friends to give you a good advice as they know you very well and they also know what’s good for you.

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Blue is a good choice though. It will make you think of the summer see or the cloudless sky. Anyway, blue is a tender color which suits almost every girl.

However, don’t forget about the importance of parting! There are different face shapes so you should make sure that the hairstyle you choose will look good on you.

Straight hair – your perfect choice

You can choose from a huge variety of colors! Do you want to look fresh and stylish? Then don’t hesitate! If you have straight hair, make yourself look like you were made for partying!

If you have long hair, cut it a little bit and make some layers too. After that, you should be brave enough to choose the perfect color. If your hair is dark, add some purple stripes to it. It will look very modern.

hairstyles 2016

What is really convenient about this hairstyle, it will look good no matter what face shape you have. If your hair is at least shoulder-length, don’t even doubt!

When you go the club all the people around will be looking only at you! Make sure to choose some suitable clothes too.

The skin color also plays a major role. That’s why this hairstyle is very popular among the girls in Nigeria.

Thin hair? Not a problem! Go for brown!

If you want to hide the thinness of your hair, it’s not that hard. You can always dye your hair brown and add some light stripes. It will make it look kind of lush.

Moreover, this hairstyle is suitable for any situation – it looks very neat and neutral. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s not stylish! If you prefer neutral and non-bright colors while choosing your outfit, this hairstyle will be a great option.

hairstyles 2016

And even if you are proud of your thick hair, you might find this hairstyle a good idea too. What is more, there are different variations of it. You can ask the hairdresser to do it the way you want it – there are no rules!

It is certainly one of the most popular hairstyles for Nigerian women in 2016. Therefore, you don’t even have to worry about the fashion trends!

Let’s go for Blond Vintage!

If you are lucky enough to have perfect lush hair, there is another great option for you! How about going totally blond? It will change your outlook completely!

Moreover, if you already went shopping, you probably noticed that this summer’s main trend is the vintage style. A lot of shops started to sell the outfits that were popular more than half a century ago!

It proves that the fashion really is coming back. Therefore, along with the clothes you can go for the vintage hairstyle too.

hairstyles 2016

However, you can also try the highlights if you don’t feel like totally changing yourself. The black and blond contrast will make you look very special. And it also looks nice on everyone.

Hairstyles for the short hair

Some people might think that women with short hair have fewer opportunities to do something special with their hair. However, it’s not true.

If you really care about your outlook, then you know that you can do anything you want no matter what type of hair or face shape you have!

You can also try the bob hairstyle. If you don’t want to try highlights, try to choose the gold or light-brown colors. This choice will make you look very sexy and charming at the same time.

Curly hairstyles for black women

hairstyles 2016

Curly hairstyles 2016 are looking very intriguing so far. If you want to do the same hairstyles as for the straight hair, don’t worry, you can! For example, you can also choose bob.

It’s a curly style for short hair but even if your hair is long, you can try it too. You will surely look fantastic as it looks natural and beautiful. It will also look attractive even if you don’t dye it.

Sometimes being the way you are is the best way to happiness! That’s why curly hairstyles for women are very popular in 2016. However, don’t forget that it’s always a good choice to take risks.

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