What clothing brands are the best in Africa?

Who are the major players of fashion in Africa? Who has made Africa fashion famous worldwide? Find out many interesting facts in this article!

the best african clothing brands

Designers from Africa were able to dominate recently. Because of the experimentation with colors, wide collection, attractive prices, Africa has shown the world its fashion. So which brands make us proud about Africa? Here they are:

1.    Laurenceariline

This is one of the most well-known African clothing brands. Laurencearilin created the most popular menswear line.


2.    Adrian Kuiters

This is one of the largest and the most dominant brand in South Africa which creates clothes for men. Adrian Kuiters were able to reform the fashion for men in the continent. The brand is primary produces semi-formal and formal wear.

2.    Adrian Kuiters

3.    Kreyann

In comparison to previous two brands, Kreyann designs clothes for women which should be worn in everyday life.


4.    Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe is one of the most powerful ladies in the world of fashion. Her main advantage implies in creating clothes for the life, which are wearable.

 Deola Sagoe

5.    Lion Clothes and Ashes

The top designer of “Lion Clothes and Ashes” is Malembo Mpungwe. She was the first woman who won The Elle New Talent show, because of the way she presented African culture. Malembo has a sense of style and she made her brand one of the most popular in the world.

 Lion Clothes and Ashes

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6.    Saffron

The designer of the brand is Pooja Jeshang. She started to show her talent as early as in college and managed to grow to the powerful brand.  Saffron gained the popularity in a very short time. The brand has a very wide range of clothing lines for women and children.


7.    Ohema Ohene

The designer of this brand is Abenaa Pokuaa, who was so courageous to create an unusual concept of King and Queen, for which she was criticized. However, this concept made her line of clothes one of the most famous in Africa. She is not afraid to show her love of colors.

Ohema Ohene

8.    Orange culture

Orange Culture broke the stereotype that only semi formals and dull formals make men good-looking. Orange Culture experiments with colors, using such of them which most designers avoid. This original approach made the brand one of the spectacular African Menswear lines.

Orange culture

9.    LDA

The brand became one of the most famous clothing lines of all times because it creates the most elegant Womenswear.  It took seven years for LDA to reach the top.


10.    Eskado bird

Eskado bird has the widest range of clothes for both women and men. It is challenging in the fashion industry to create Womenswear and Menswear with equal success. But Eskado Bird managed to do it, and this brand became known internationally.

Eskado bird

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