What do men pay attention to in females?

What are the things men love and value the most in females? These 9 tips would help you to change for better.

What do men pay attention

Ladies, if you wish to become popular among men and be valued by them, these 9 tips will help you to look your best and become the most appealing girls!

3 things men notice in female face:

There are things that attract or repel us in faces of other people. Sadly, but some features cannot be changed. However, others are in our power to tune up or make much more attractive. Here is the short list of such things.

  1. Teeth
    You may hear men say: she smiled at me and I fell in love with her at the first sight. That’s true. Female smile works miracles. It reminds men their mother’s kind smiles and they feel accepted and loved, when girls generously and sincerely smile at them.
    So, the best thing you can do is to maintain your oral hygiene daily. Keep your teeth white and make your smile charming. However, it’s not only about the physical aspect. Learn how to smile flirting with guys and how to make that hearty smile go all the way up into your eyes to make them shine!
     men pay attention in females
  2. Eyes
    Even in Nigeria guys love ladies with blue eyes, which is a rarity. Most men love women with large eyes full of life and soul. You can use makeup wisely to highlight the eyes and eyelashes. However, overdoing with mascara is bad.
  3. Skin
    Yes, guys do love girls with fairer shade of skin, but using bleaching remedies is a bad idea. You risk ruining your skin completely. So, picking the right tone of makeup cream is the best option. You can lighten up your skin color a bit and mask up all the dark spots, wrinkles or other defects.
    Use this simple 3 step skin care regiment: clean, moisturize, nourish.

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     men attention to in females

What are the things men notice in women about their body?

  1. Posture
    It gives you away. Your posture can manifest your confidence or the lack of it. Men love self-confident women, who respect themselves. So pay attention to how you walk and stand. Train yourself into a more seductive ways of holding yourself up.
  2. Hair
    Many Nigerian ladies struggle with growing long and fair hair. Using hair extensions is one option. Another one is coming up with proper hair care regiment to grow your natural hair and make it shiny. Pick the right haircut or style. Wear gele at times, it looks good on most girls.
  3. Curves
    Men love curvy women. A large booty and boobs will make you a queen. However, if you are not so well endowed, there are trick you may use to enlarge visually these parts of the body.

What men like in female outfits?

  1. Tidiness
    Being sloppy in your looks is not an option. Take good care of yourself. Even if you cannot afford expensive clothes, make the ones you have tidy, clean and well-matched.
  2. When enough is enough
    Many a time men complain about the overly dressed females. You should know what things are ok and what are not! Some girls go to the first dates in the park on high heels and long dresses and plainly look stupid. You should know when enough is enough and how to dress up appropriately for each and every occasion.
    What men like in female outfits
  3. Color
    You should know how to combine colors properly to avoid looking like a parrot. Ankara is lovely, but if you wear it with tons of jewelry, makeup and accessories, it’s too much. Use bright accents in your outfits or balance up the color with more neutral things.

These 9 tips would help you to become the most popular lady with men, as now you know how to attract them.

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