What does a wedge haircut look like?

Do you feel that you are in trend? Then you have to know about popular wedge haircut! Meet the most fashionable woman haircut in 2016! Will you like it?

wedge haircut

Special attention deserves the short wedge haircut. It is a stylish mix of two very feminine and extravagant hairstyles. This is an excellent opportunity to pick your own and absolutely unique option and thus be a popular trend.

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There aren’t any strict rules, carefully and subtly, you can choose exactly what will highlight the beauty of the hair and your individuality.

wedge haircut

In trend today — the classic version of symmetrical haircuts, long, earlobes, with a precise, smooth cut, smooth contours, and a middle part. This hairstyle looks great on perfectly straight, thick and shiny hair and is ideal for owners of the oval or elongated chin. It becomes an excellent and very elegant "frame" for individuals with fine and regular features and correctly creates a clear and bright accent on the eyes....

wedge haircut

A very stylish alternative to the classic is steel textured hair with soft contours. They look great on the hair of any density and hardness, but especially elegant highlight the beauty of wavy hair. Create a beautiful shape and the desired amount allows profiling or graduation ends. This option is considered the most versatile because it allows you to simulate delicately oval face....

wedge haircut

The most creative of all the types of wedge haircut – an asymmetric option. Despite the apparent complexity, it's surprisingly versatile and looks great both on curly thick and thin straight hair. Complex, the rich volume is created by the layered and textured haircut with thinning scissors or a razor. And the contrast of volumes and length always creates the individual and stylish silhouette. Bright and soft, asymmetrical contours are in trend. They allow you to pick a profile for almost any type of person.

Leading stylists and hairdressers have a golden rule -the most fashionable and beautiful hairstyles are created in literally 15 minutes.But only if they are based on the great haircut. It is, incidentally, involves not one, not two, but several styling options, which you can easily create at home.

wedge haircut

How does it look at back?

wedge haircut


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