What does face primer do

All the face primer benefits and how-tos in one quick article. Create a perfect makeup for dail life and outings.

Face primer is not something every lady has in her makeup arsenal. What the primer does, it helps your makeup to stay on longer and you can attain better effect using it. The primers are made for different types of skin and they have several effects and benefits to offer. Let’s take a look at some of them.

why use face primer

What does face primer do?

  1. Iwhy use face primer 2t conceals the wrinkles and large pores

    If you have a mature skin, or you have dints or pimples on it, applying the foundation may highlight those defects.

    The foundation actually gets into your wrinkles or large pores and makes them more obvious.

    If you apply a primer, it fills in those wrinkles. The primer has no color. So, then you add on the foundation and it looks perfectly even. You skin looks smooth and nice. No dints, no pores, no wrinkles in sight.
  2. It makes your face look mat

    Last thing you need is that oily and glazed look of the skin. Especially if you like to take selfies or photos. Applying the primer helps you to remove that oily look and make your skin more mat in color.
  3. It helps the foundation to stay on longer

    The primer gets a bit mixed in with the foundation and makes it stay on. You do not want to get your “natural” look few hours into the work day. Once you get the makeup on, you want it to stay on for good. That is exactly what primer does.
  4. why use face primer 4It moisturizes

    Foundation and other cosmetics’’ items can dry up your skin. That is a huge problem, if you already have a dry skin. You may feel the discomfort throughout the day. Applying the primer fixes this problem.
  5. It gives you that celeb look and feel

    Of course, you can use an all in one BB cream instead. However, primer has its particular function and it does it well. It makes your skin glow, look young and healthy. So, you do feel like a celeb wearing it.

How to pick a primer

picking face primer

There are several types of them. Some are crafted for different types of skin, while others are made for different patches of skin. You may use just the eye primer (for your around eyes area) or the face one. There are gel and spray primers.

So, first of all, define your skin type. A face primer for oily skin should be water based. This way you won’t feel too oily after applying them. However, there is one down side to deal with: such primers could cost more compared to the oil based ones.

Dry skin primers should be oil based. This way they provide maximal hydration to your skin. Of you are comfortable with applying a spray primer, you can go for it. If not, pick a gel one.

How to apply a primer

Your skin should be well cleaned before your apply the make up. Then you just smear a bit of gel primer or spray it on and let it sit for few minutes. Now you are ready to apply the foundation and the rest of the cosmetics.

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Using a primer is one of the top makeup tips. It can let you create a perfect and young look. It is not a must-have, but it certainly is a wish-to-have makeup item. So, put it on your wish list and get one. 


I like primer, is tool for perfect makeup. Good use, when you all night or day should look perfect. Primer provides easy means of applying tone or powder, make-up fixes. It fills skin microrelief - fine lines and pores, preventing build-up concealer in them. It does not contain hazardous components, that clog pores and causes formation of pimples and unpleasant black dots. Base is quickly absorbed. Within few seconds you can start applying makeup. Clean it in same manner as conventional concealer.

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cosmetics and earlier worked wonders, it's easy to disguise a person's face under a big layer of make-up that it will be even difficult to recognize at first. And now cosmetics was produced even more, there are both cheap and more expensive. For beautiful and correct makeup you need to find out and learn how to apply it on the skin so that the makeup did not look like a mask, very natural and beautiful. now the web is full of bloggers who share new methods of stunning makeup. you can learn from them.

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