What dress to wear to a wedding in Nigeria?

Do you want to know what dress you should dress to Nigerian wedding? Read the article and make your choice.

Cute wedding dresses

Nigerian weddings always are very massed. There are more than thousand of guests on such ceremonies. All people wear dresses which are selected by the bride`s family.

Bridesmaid`s dresses must comply with the filling up of the banquet hall.

A duty of bridesmaids is to collect the money thrown at the newlyweds during the dance. This ceremony is not welcomed by the Government as it is considered to be an abuse of the currency. However, without it cannot do any wedding, this ritual symbolizes wealth and abundance of this new family.

How do you like?

Today Nigerian wedding is a fusion of two cultures, they are held in the churches, in the European clothes, and in a national style, in traditional dresses, with traditional music and dishes.

There are about 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria and more than 500 languages, so the wedding dresses vary depending on religion, geographic area, and ethnicity. Brides in Nigeria usually wear bright wedding dresses. In addition, often a mandatory attribute is a handkerchief on head, it is called gele.

Extremely chic

The bright lace blouse and embroidered caftans with coral beads and voluminous headwear as a traditional wedding dress.

Nigerian gele is a hat of cloth which is usually wrapped around woman`s head. One of the most popular items of women's clothing.

It is worn as a casual wear and wrapped by the woman itself, or in special occasions require assistance.

So nice dress

In addition to traditional outfits lately, girls often wear classic European wedding dresses.

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The female beauty of the local population has always been associated with the impressive dimensions of women. Completeness was a guarantee of a happy marriage. Before getting married, the bride should strongly put on the weight, or the bridegroom with all his relatives will refuse from her. Since 12 years, the future bride starts eating a lot.

Fashionable couple

Nigerian man, who is marrying, must go to his bride through the corridor of her relatives. To prove that he is ready to make all the hardships and difficulties of the future life, the bride's family must strongly beat him with sticks. Before seeing the bride, who is hidden under her veil, the bridegroom, his relatives and friends bite the send before the bride's family.

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