What should we know about Lebron James' sport shoes?

What do you know about Lebron James` sport shoes? What are the facts about the shoes? Read the article to find out!

Lebron James is a fantastic star of basketball. Nevertheless, you would like to know that he also has his own shoes line under the protectorate of the Nike. If you are a fan of Lebron James, you should get at least one pair of these shoes. Lebron James shoes are counted as the biggest contract that was made by Nike Company. The contract is signed for seven years, and the amount of it is about ninety million dollars. Lebron James shoes are well known for various parameters, like embedded technologies together with aesthetics. Many of these technologies were first created in the basketball shoes. The Lebron James shoes started to appear on the market since 2003. Here are some distinguish facts about Lebron James Shoes:

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Lebron James shoes as the best selling signature shoes

Nike managed to hit a Jackpot with signing of the contract for Lebron James shoes. They managed to get up to four hundred millions of dollars in only 2014. Lebron James shoes easily overcame Michael Jordan`s signature shoes. They also overcame shoes of other NBA players, like Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant. Therefore, it`s easily shown that his Lebron James shoes are the superstars of basketball shoes in the market.

Lebron James Shoes for Giants

The outstanding cushioning providing was one of the main reasons why Lebron James agreed to sign the contract with Nike. Air Zoom system of the shoes provided by Nike can be a super reason to wear the shoes by giants. Lebron James informed, that it would feel like “Walking on a cloud”. Nevertheless, Nike did not desire to stop on just one pair of shoes. They presented the Lebron II shoes with double-stacked Zoom features. Lebron IV shoes were the last which were featured with this kind of “Walking on a cloud” feature, they were modernized and got Air Max cushioning system. The new Lebron Shoes are being constantly changed with rise of new technologies in this sphere.  

Lebron James shoes expresses his love for felines

NBA star shoes carries not only the name, but also the personality of the star. One of these personality features connected to Lebron James is his love for felines. He also like lions. Therefore, Lebron James VIII has a design like  a lion`s head.

Lebron James basketball shoes have hidden messages for buyers

There are always hidden messages from the NBA star in the line of shoes presented. In this particular case, the hidden message is located on the heel tab of Lebron James XII.

Lebron James XII shoes present the significant part of his career

The decision was connected with his participation in joining of one of the teams the Cavaliers or the Heat. This kind of decision greatly influenced the overall idea of the design of the shoes and color patterns. It could also influence the logo on the Lebron James shoes.

Therefore, the final version of Lebron James twelve came with no corresponding to any team color. Therefore, Nike had to opt any specific colors for the team for this model. Nevertheless, the sales were still on the height point of the Lebron James shoes.

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