What to eat to get a bigger butt? – best tips for Nigerian ladies

Wish to look sexy in Nigeria? Grow bigger curves. Learn what foods help you do that.

Many girls dream about beautiful nates. Unfortunately, the nature has awarded not everyone with fancy Kardashian type curves. Practically each lady wants to get a bigger butt, but just doesn't know how to do it. Today we will deal with this problem.

What to eat to get a bigger butt?

What foods would help you get bigger buttocks? 

To increase the posterior, it is necessary to consume more protein. There is a popular belief that consumption of protein from products or protein cocktails is necessary only for professional athletes. Actually, it is not so. If you try to get bigger breeches, you have to get construction substances for growth. Consumption of protein in each meal is considered optimum.

What to eat to get a bigg butt?

Actually there are no specific products for increasing butt, so people shouldn't create illusions that having eaten one product their butt at once will begin to grow miraculously. So, to start necessary processes, you need to adhere to a certain diet and products. What kind? Let’s consider below.

 bigger butt?

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Hereinafter you will see the list of various products. It will help you to make the right dishes:

The best sources of protein are:The best sources of protein are:

  • eggs, chicken or quail;
  • beef stake;
  • chicken breasts without skin or a turkey;
  • tuna;
  • skim cheese and powdered milk;
  • protein powder;
  • tofu;
  • haricot and bean.

carbohydrates, the best of all to use following ones:As for carbohydrates, the best of all to use following ones:

  • brown/black rice;
  • sweet potatoes;
  • grain: porridge, buckwheat, pearl barley;
  • whole-grain bread;
  • dry breakfasts (muesli and flakes without sugar).

As fats useAs fats use:

  • cod-liver oil (capsules);
  • extra virgin olive oil;
  • almond and linen oils;
  • nuts: almonds, cashew, walnuts;
  • red fish: salmon and trout.

Vegetables have to become an integral part of your diet. In particular, these are the following:

  • nice bootom for nigerianbroccoli;
  • spinach;
  • cauliflower;
  • lettuce leaves;
  • frozen vegetables.

It would be also better to eat Tyrosine in addition. It is natural amino acid. Tyrosine plays an important role in functioning of glands, which operate production of hormones. It doesn't influence on growth of butts directly, but helps to make necessary substances to do it. It is also capable to stimulate production of Somatropine. It is an important hormone of growth. Tyrosine is possible to receive from many sports additives.

bigger butt – best tips

Of course, healthy food is not enough. Ladies shouldn't forget about regular sport trainings. This stays above all, as together with correct nutrition, sports exercises for increasing the muscles of the buttocks are extremely helpful and inherent.

Now you have a practical guidance. It is necessary only to embody the theory in practice. In this case, each of you will achieve desirable volumes. Good luck!


A large , inflated ass is very popular . Many girls want to achieve this effect , but not everyone can . I believe that we need to begin to eat properly , especially to use the necessary proteins to the muscles can develop. Also, do not forget about physical exercises . You need to develop a special set of exercises that will focus on the muscles of the priests . If you'll eat right and exercise - your ass will be like Kim Kardashiyan . Good luck , girls !

Also remember that men like women with large buttocks .

Answered 1 year ago.

The easiest way to grow a butt is to eat. Basically, the food should be farinaceous, fast food also contributes to this growing body parts. Sweet can play an important role. But the type of foods strongly depends on individual person and of its structure. Effective result in the diet for the butt can be achieved, consult a nutritionist, he advises exactly what will fit you personally. That ass is not just increased, but look nice and should work out. Even in the home to do a complex of simple exercises daily. As such, upgrades to micocci, leg swings lying on his stomach or standing on all fours and squats.

Answered 1 year ago.

Protein is a good start although what worked for me is a muscle building supplement. I went from a flat butt to a huge butt in 2 months. http://getabubblebutt.com

Answered 1 year ago.
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