What waist trainers do to your body - About the Kardashian waist trainer

What are waist trainers and why you should or should not wear them? Get the answer now.

Of late many celebrities are going crazy about waist training, including Kardashian waist trainer. These things are getting rather popular. Another name for such a practice is waist cinching and it started back in the beginning of 20th century. What waist trainers do to your body and are they healthy?

What waist trainers do to your body

Do waist trainers work?

Here are few things that waist shapers are supposed to do for your body. For one, they should help you shed some pounds and get rid of fat on the belly. Plus, they limit the amount of food you can eat per meal. And they should be helping you get rid of toxins and process more of the body fat.

Kardashian waist trainer

And, of course, generally they make you look nice. Just take a look at those Khloe Kardashian waist trainer pics. She certainly looks hot in it. It’s a quick way to make your waist look tiny and highlight your boobs and curves.

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Most waist trainers are made out of latex. This material makes you sweat a lot. When you do so, you lose some inches on your waist, but that has nothing to do with fat melting. You lose water instead. So, do waist trainers make you lose weight? The answer is yes, but it is not due to losing any fat. You lose water and risk to get dehydrated if you wear it for long hours on a hot day.

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Next, waist trainers do make you eat less, because they suppress your inner organs and leave little place for the food you eat. Yet, the side effects of wearing such things can be quite dangerous. We all have to have enough space between the ribs and inside the belly for the organs. If you reduce this space, you risk getting various health problems.

So, even if those waist trainers Kardashian are fancy and make you look great, they have many problems. You can wear them once in a while to look amazing in your dress, but do not do it on regular bases or daily. 


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