What women's bodies types are considered beautiful in different countries?

What are the standards of beauty in different countries? What are beautiful women`s bodies?

Beautiful women`s body

Beautiful women`s body as beauty is a pretty relative term. You may remember, that ancient Greece and Rome valued athletic women`s bodies, the Middle Ages valued very slim, stunted, pale young lady, and in the era of Baroque, the bards sang songs to plump and chubby bodies of women. (remember Rubens portraits).

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Marilyn Monroe

Only XX century ideals of beauty have been changed countless times. On the cover of magazines from the fifties, you might have witnessed almost sexless girls mastering male occupations and garments. In the sixties, the ideal of women`s body was plump sensual blonde a la Marilyn Monroe. In the seventies, girls preferred unisex Twiggy style. You should also remember fitness girls from eighties. The '90s gave as a present with the cult of supermodels in the world. In magazines, on catwalks, advertising running, and the shows, you may witness high long-legged and long-haired girls with 90 - 60 – 90 parameters and less. Despite the dictatorship of the fashion industry, the concepts of the beautiful female body among the peoples of the world are different. Some people retain their traditional appearance; others are trying to adjust to the trend against the laws of nature. In this article, you may read some information about the traditions of ideal women`s body and beauty from the whole world.


standard of beauty

The standard of beauty is European appearance, white skin, big eyes and 90 – 60 – 90 parameters of the body. The slimmer, the better.

The main trend of Asian countries is that girls want to be like European women. They massively rid of Mongoloid race signs, like making blepharoplasty and other operations on the face of Plastic Surgeon Clinics. They make their skin white with special creams, avoid the sun, repaint the hair in bright colors, insert colored lenses and use special devices to create a crease on the upper eyelid, which is not natural to the people of the Mongoloid race. They prefer to look more like European regarding body parameters. Therefore, the trend for them is a slim waist, small hips, and bust. They prefer to be more miniature.

South Korea

There are some local features. For example, in South Korea doll face is in fashion. Girls desire to visit a plastic surgeon and make big eyes, neat nose, and pointed chin. One TV Host in South Korea even made her face in the form of heart. One of the particular trends of Korean women is wrinkles or bags under the eyes “aegyo sal”. It is believed that this cute trait makes the appearance of smiling eyes, expanding them and gives to the possessor of bags youthful and friendly look. If earlier Brazilian were considered the champions of Plastic Surgery, now the residents of South Korea are ahead of them. According to the South Korea statistics, every fifth woman in Korea made at least one plastic surgeon in her life. For those who are not willing to go under the scalpel, it`s presented a whole line of products for beauty, like clothespins to form a narrow nose, adhesive tape to create the upper eyelid, and other beauty products. Koreans prefer to have a very slim body with not wide hips, very slim waist and but the big breast.

Japanese prefer to follow infantile fashion beauty

In Japan, comics and cartoons can serve as an illustration of the beauty standards. The beauty here is described in reigns of a cult of big eyes, big heads and a cute clubfoot. The Japanese prefer to follow infantile fashion beauty, like women trying to look like little girls, especially regarding cloth. Shoes are larger, like if they put their legs in their mother's shoes. They prefer curvy hairstyle or volume caps and train themselves to put the foot socks inside - this position is called utimata. Regarding body, they stick to the teenager`s type of body, like a little girl. Almost no hips, slim waist and small breast.

China women

In China, women as well as in the whole of Asia, tend to look like European ladies. Students often make surgical operations during the holidays. It is believed that changes in appearance help to move quickly up the career ladder and find a good place in the society. The standards for the body are the same as the in the whole Asia – almost no hips, small waist, and small breasts.

Myanme and Thailand

Padaung tribe, which lives in Myanme and Thailand has perhaps the most specific notions of beauty and women`s body. Men have long been preferred brides with long necks. The more rings fit around the neck; the more beautiful is fiancee. Therefore, “Giraffe beauty” is implemented in girls begin from the age of five, gradually increasing the number of rings. At the time of marriage, it can be up to two dozen rings around the neck.


Africa WOMEN

Beautiful black women`s bodies are usually a little bit plump. Men in Africa prefer to have a woman with wide hips, big buttocks and big breasts. There are also tribal traditions of beauty where the bigger wife is the prettiest. Although it does not mean that African girls do not desire to look European, they also have a tendency to make their bodies slimmer and the skin white. Nevertheless, this idea of beautiful black women`s bodies goes strictly to big cities.

 bigger wife

In Africa, many tribes and peoples have such different ideas of beauty. However, there is something in common the anorexic body is not considered to be beautiful, because thinness is synonymous with poverty and disease, and plump body is an indicator of high social status. The African journals do not meet the notes about diet, exercise, or photos of slim beauties. In some regions, the more plum the girls are, the better chances of them to have a richer husband.

Black Continent

Many Africans dream of straight hair. It forms the Black Continent comes to the tradition of building up hair. The arsenal of the African beauties is filled with sophisticated hairstyles, braids, dreadlocks, piercings, drawings on their faces, bright ethnic decoration. Some tribes saved unconventional ideas of beauty from Europeans. So, in the tribes Surma and Mursi women insert a plate into the lip and gradually increase its volume. It is believed that the greater the saucer suspended at the mouth of the bride, the more beautiful and prolific the bride is. At the Ndebele tribe in South Africa, as well as in Padaung, a symbol of beauty is a long neck stretched with rings.

beautiful woman is a naked woman

In many tribes, a beautiful woman is a naked woman. The Himba girls daub themselves from head to toe with a mixture of ocher, oil, and ash, thus protecting against the sun and insects. Red skin tone is their special beauty, symbol of the blood and life. Girls from the Masai tribe shave their heads and eyebrows, as they need to go through the procedure of circumcision (emorata). In some tribes  Nuba, Murcia, Gaanda, etc.) scarification patterns on the body and face is considered beautiful. These healed cuts are made with stones, knives, and blades. The wounds are rubbed with ashes, insect larvae or plant sap; they heal painfully leaving spectacular bumps. It is believed that men are more pleasant to touch women with such patterns.

Latin America

Latin America

The standard of beauty is a passionate woman with a curvy shape, long hair, full lips; It features a bright make-up and sexy costumes, artificial beauty.

Women's perfect bodies

Women's perfect bodies in Latin America are a Colombian singer Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Puerto Rican, Brazilian carnival queen and multiple winners of the World beauty contests from Venezuela. Their sensuous physical beauty is something that all women want to emulate many Latin American countries, and women are willing to go through plastic surgery. Only in Venezuela, according to the Association of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 40 000 women annually adjust their appearance. The most popular surgery operations are implantation of silicone implants in the breast. To give such an operation to daughters as a birthday present has become even a tradition emerged among parents. This fact indignantly informed by former President Hugo Chavez. His exact words are: “Today people think so my daughter is 15 years old, let's give her a breast implant. It's awful, what an indecency!” Nevertheless, it should be noted that these Venezuelan girls often became winners in the international beauty contest like Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss International.


The Etalon of Beauty

The Etalon of Beauty is a Hollywood smile, full lips, slim, healthy body. As for forms of the body, it`s preferred to have a sports body as for men and women equally. American girls prefer to make their buts bigger with using GYMs, but plastically surgery is also an option.

United States are a Barbie doll

Standards of beauty for the United States are a Barbie doll, models, and Hollywood celebrities. Typical Miss America is an athletic, tanned blonde with a snow-white smile.

American Beauty

Each year, US plastic surgeons make a list of celebrities which women in America want to be. This list is almost always featured with Angelina Jolie (the dream of many Americans - full lips). Some time ago, an American wanted to be like Barbie. Cindy Jackson, for example, made 52 operations to get closer to the beauty standard, given by a doll. Now, according to plastic surgeons, women desire to have curvy shape bodies, like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. American Beauty in parodic form can be seen in children's beauty contests in America, where girls often look like living dolls.


Reference thin physique, natural appearance, and slim body.

Reference thin physique, natural appearance, and slim body.

In the eyes of many Europeans, beauty is a girl or a fashion model on the catwalk of a glossy magazine. It’s a tall, long-legged, slender girl with long hair. The authorities of various countries try to resist parameters for thinness, which the fashion industry promotes, but the podium and minds are still ruled by the pale, almost ethereal model. Recently, naturalness, lack of make-up, practical clothing become in fashion for women. As about body shapes, European women prefer to follow trends of girls from catwalks, like a slim body, almost no hips, tall, but big breasts.  



Australian women desire to look like Hollywood actresses.

Hollywood stars guide Australians, and beauty ideals are the same with the US in many ways. A couple of years ago, the Australian Marie Claire magazine printed a portrait of the perfect woman. It was created with the help of Photoshop based on a survey of local plastic surgeons, who shared the preferences of its customers. The eyes reference to actress Anne Hathaway, nose Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson lips, cheeks of a model January Jones, Halle Berry chin, and the hair of the singer Taylor Swift.

Australian beauty

Australian beauty is not an anorexic girl. The authorities have been fighting with the fashion for thinness from 2010, banning models with low body weight to go on the podium, and magazine editors to retouch photos. No artificial lengthening of legs, waist adjustment or removal of freckles. Now the surfing girls` bodies are in a trend of Australian men.

Muslim women

Muslim women

Reference modesty, obedience, naturalness, loyalty to tradition. Regarding ideal body, it`s hard to tell as Muslim women do not tend to show their bodies at all. Therefore, it can be a surprise for a man after marriage.

Muslim countries

In Muslim countries, women have not so many opportunities to show their beauty at best it remains an open face and hands, and at worst a vision almost entirely hides with the hijab. In some countries, women are forbidden to pluck their eyebrows, changing their shape, paint nails, show hair, breasts, buttocks, legs. Beauty is rather a spiritual beauty. From the outside, it is allowed to have expressive eyes, antimony, henna paintings or a ring on his finger. Fully show their beauty most women from the Middle East can only be at home with her husband and relatives. In some countries, Muslim women can only show their body and face to the family members, like brothers, sisters, a husband.

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