Which bridal makeup is the best?

Wish to look your very best on the special day of your wedding? Learn more tips on bridal make up.

How much do you know about Nigerian wedding? What are the key and most interesting traditions? Which make-up should a bride choose to be the most beautiful woman of the day? We are going to observe some of the features of this custom, dos and don’ts of bridal make up.

 bridal makeup

Wedding traditions

It is essential to know that wedding in Nigeria is a wonderful and beautiful event. People try to make it as interesting as possible. Let’s look at the main traditions existing on this land:

Which bridal makeup is the best?

  • Two types of wedding are usually held. First comes a traditional wedding (which is sometimes called cultural), and then a white wedding (which is referred to as a religious one as well).
  • There are usually no particular invitations. Everyone is invited and may attend the ceremony.
  • The list for the groom is usually prepared. It is used as a kind of dowry. A man must be able to buy everything in order to marry a woman.
  • For the traditional wedding, bright colors are preferable. Head ties, beads and laces are also part of the attire.
  • The guests usually throw money to the bride during the wedding. Thus, it seems, it is everywhere. However, such custom concerns only women. The groom has nothing to do with it.
  • It is a frequent case that younger men in a family are not allowed to marry until their older brothers do. Sometimes they have to stay bachelors for all their lives.
  • Sometimes the groom must go through kind of trials. In certain tribes, they have to be beaten and take it without complaints.
  • The families of the newlyweds usually wear the same colors and fabrics, showing the unity of the family. Ankara style is the most popular one these days.
  • The bride’s mother is usually responsible for the catering.
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Make up tips

The make-up is a vital thing during any type of the wedding. It must match the outfit and general visual look. Let’s look at some advice on the issue:

  • Have a trial (or several ones) a few weeks before the event. If you want to use a tan (as many Nigerian girls do), it is better to try it before going to your artist. Thus, s/he will be able to see the reaction and final color of your skin.
  • If you are getting ready for the white wedding, it is better to wear a white T-shirt. It will allow you to see, how the final makeup looks against white or pale colors.
  • Search for particular makeups, which you like the most. Then take the pictures to the salon.
  • As the make-up must compensate the white dress, it should be bright enough.
  • Do not forget to emphasize your eyes. Nevertheless, you should still look quite natural.
  • The result should have a long-term effect. Thus, it is better to apply professional cosmetics at least.
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What you should never do?

Along with the dos, there exist several don’ts. If you do such things, you can spoil the whole look:

 bridal makeup for nigerian

  • Never try your wedding makeup under the fluorescent lighting.
  • Try not to follow all the suggestions of your artist. Remember, it is your day and your look.
  • Do not use too heavy base or foundation. It will make you look unnatural in the day light.
  • It is better to avoid evening looks. It is more advisable to select something more classic. Remember that you will have the photos from the wedding all your life. And some modern looks may just come out of fashion in several years and look strange.

Well, these advices are obligatory for every bride in order to stop her from hasty decisions. Follow the tips, and you will become a magnificent bride!


Nigerian wedding traditions are various. There even exist some unusual ones. Nevertheless, the look of a bride is as important, as in any other country. She is the main character of the day. But not only her attire is vital. It is better to take of the make-up. Beautiful and natural face is a part of your success.


No make-up which is not decorate the bride as happy smile and bright shining eyes. To be honest, I prefer an unobtrusive, lightweight, discreet and does not cause makeup. Under the white dress is better to make a light make-up and focus on lipstick, which should stand out a bit. But and in general, everyone has his vision and every bride will make her make-up, focusing on the colors of the wedding dress or something else. But in general, these tips are very helpful, and they should pay a little attention. Listen to what the heart dictates. A bride is always beautiful, even without makeup.

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