Which haircolor suits me? - Best colors for Naija beauties

If you are thinking of changing your appearance and spicing up your look, take a look at our advice on hair colors.

Ombre hair

Fashion is a changeable phenomenon. It concerns not only the style and color of the clothing but even hair color. The dark skin at all times was considered one of the main trends that attract the attention of the opposite sex. In this article, we would like to tell you about what hair color suits dark skin.

Blond Ash Color

Dark skin tones have always attracted attention. The matter is that dark skin visually slims the figure and hides all existing skin flaws. Girls with dark skin seem to have a wild and unusual appearance that makes them the center of attention.

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As professionals say, the owners of dark skin look their best with their natural shade of hair. However, if you are unhappy with your natural inheritance, you can change it. We will tell you how in this article.

If you have dark skin but want to have lighter shades of hair, then you should abandon the cold shades direction, as they are clearly not suitable for you. You may consider such hair tones as "wheat" and other warm shades.

Black hair color

In order to emphasize the effect of a beautiful tan, you should choose the hair color called "chocolate." which will beautifully set off your sun-kissed skin, giving it beauty and attractiveness. By the way, milk chocolate hair color is very trendy this season.

In order to more fully disclose information about what color hair suits dark skin, let's refer to the experience of the stars. For example, a well-known socialite Kim Kardashian is a girl with the dark complexion. In order to effectively shade it, she chose an unusual coloration palette of brown tones. It looks very attractive.

Red curly hair

Also, if you don't know what hair color will suit your dark skin, we suggest considering blonding or coloring. It is quite difficult to find a nice gray hair shade, as they, for the most part, are not suitable for owners of dark skin. However, if you are in the hands of professionals, try to play with the shades, and the result will be great. For example, in this season the combination of light brown shades with violet tones is very popular. Most likely, this type of color will suit only brave and adventurous women.

The black shade of hair deserves special attention in choosing the hair color for dark skin. However, the real deep black color is a little different from what you need. Pay attention to the coal tones that have the effect of highlighting.

Rihanna's blond hair

Undoubtedly, you should pay special attention to your eye color, which sometimes is the main criterion in choosing the hair shade. For example, the owners of dark skin and blue eyes will look great in the shade "muted blonde," as well as black and a shade of mocha.

If nature has awarded you with the gray eyes, choose the brown hue shade, or honey blond with light ash notes. For the girls with brown eyes, the ideal option should be chocolate, chestnut, black shades, as well as mocha and light shades. Well, if you have green eyes, then look at the red and black tones.

Green ombre

Lastly, our main advice is to do what you want! Don’t listen to anyone and choose the color that you love and enjoy. It can be white, red, black, violet or even green. Who cares? Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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