Who among African celebrities is addicted to skin bleaching?

Whitening, toning, and lightening. All these words refer to skin bleaching. It is weird but many people hate their natural color of skin. Among them there are many African celebrities, Read the article to get more information on this issue.

celebrities is addicted to skin bleaching

What does history say?

Historically, norms of beauty differed from culture to culture. As both globalization and migration lead to homogenized worldwide beauty standards, on the other hand, an assortment of beauty trends has emerged to rule. The USA has spread its ideals of beauty into other cultures. Whiter skin was traditionally connected with the bourgeoisie. It actually was considered to represent prosperity and triumph. Darker skin was conventionally linked to unskilled labor and poverty.

It would be sensible to consider that those prejudices have disappeared long ago. Nevertheless, the beauty ideals recognized by these notions have survived. In particular, women feel the force to be conventional to a Western standard of beauty – and this can certainly mean skin bleaching.

Such harmful thought have led women to take radical measures to play the game of the light-skinned conception of “beauty”. Thus, skin lightening creams have already become higher-flying in the cosmetics industry.

This damaging tendency, which frequently involves skin bleaching, has become troublingly widespread even amongst already triumphant celebrities.

Skin bleaching and medicine

Many celebrities make use of chemical substances to bleach their skin. Feeling very painful with their appearance, these people consider that the lighter their skin is, the better-looking they are. This trend has recently become a growing phenomenon. Therefore, it has also become a great new business for private hospitals and cosmetic companies in Africa. For instance, skin bleaching surgery is considered to be one of the most expensive types of surgical treatment.

Stars and skin bleaching

The World Health Organization has reported recently that 76% of Nigerian women make use of various use skin bleaching creams and other related products. However many people seem not to be bothered by the fact that these products are extremely hazardous for health. The doctors have been warning long ago that all dangerous effects of skin bleaching will be seen later. But by that time it will have already been useless to use any available treatment.

Now we offer you our list of African celebrities addicted to skin bleaching. The below-listed celebrities have all been addicted in lightening their skin. Many of them have admitted to have used various skin bleaching products.


Mshoza tops our list of skin bleaching celebrities. This prominent African singer has already gained wide attractiveness. After it, her fans were shocked to know that the musician had frankly admitted that she had bleached her skin. Mshoza told that it was not something she should be embarrassed of. In Particular, the singer admitted:

“It is just something that I wanted to do. It has nothing to do with my respect and all the issues with being black”.


Mshoza also contrasted her skin bleaching procedure with other visual changes, such as wearing weaves. Mshoza also told that she was exhausted of being unattractive. And admitted that being black skinned had made her feel less attractive.

By the way, many critics told that her approach toward her usual appearance was injurious and damaging for those who want to follow her. Many people also cited the songster as a cause of pessimism towards black empowerment.

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is another person in our list of skin bleaching celebrities. This tremendously admired Kenyan model has honestly admitted to skin bleaching. Vera Sidika gained fame as a video model. She has been often named Kenyan Kim Kardashian. There is a very interesting fact. When Sidika had announced her skin bleaching regime, she became even more popular.

Vera Sidika

According to Vera Sidika, she totally spent more than $180,000 on various bleaching creams. She also confessed that her decision to bleach skin was motivated by other celebrities. As an example, she mentioned such stars as Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.  


The Nigerian pop star Dencia has also announced that she used various bleaching creams. She even launched a cream titled “Whitenicious”. According to her, this cream should have lightened complexions. Critics called it a “disgrace,” and asked her for endorsing a harmful and hazardous tendency in beauty.


Dencia told that the cream was simply intended for dark spots. However, she added that it could be used to bleach other areas. The star herself was much darker proceeding to using the product. Nevertheless, she doesn’t care what others think of her beauty practices.

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

This popular Ghanaian model, actress, film producer and entrepreneur has also admitted the fact of skin-bleaching. Ex-Miss Ghana competitor, Yvonne shot to celebrity after her movie role in “Princess Tyra” and Playboy.

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Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid

Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid

This amazing Somali fashion actress and model was also addicted in skin bleaching. The side-by-side of Iman from 40 years ago and her present appearance propose that something strange had occurred to the pigmentation of her skin. When asked about bleaching, she denied that fact. Her fans, however, are sure that she does not tell the truth.

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