Who are the most famous fashion bloggers in Nigeria?

If you adore Fashion industry and can't imagine your life without reading news about latest fashion trends and wearing modern clothing, this article is right for you. Read and find out who are the most famous fashion bloggers in Nigeria.

fashion bloggers in Nigeria

  • The first one blogger is Portia Nwaokonko from Abuja and her blog justposh. And this girl looks really posh, gorgeous and sweet. She likes all about fashion and wants to share her love with all the world. Portia adores bodycon dresses, bright colors, multi-colors prints and laces dresses. Her style is very feminine and cute. Another Portia's passion is to tell all about hair. Read her blog and you will find out a lot of interesting and unique hair styles and fun make-ups. She likes to communicate with her readers and will always ask your questions about fashion and her style. In the future, Portia wants to become a professional in trends and beauty and wants to study fashion industry at the university. Discover Portia's daily looks and choose what look is the best.

Portia Nwaokonko

Portia Nwaokonko 2

  • The second one beauty blogger of Nigeria is Akpevwe Uviegha from Lagos. This petite, stylish girl adores white color, geometric prints, and a space-style. Akpevwe knows how to wear beautiful dresses and how to make pants look elegant and chick. She shows a bunch of makeups and amazing looks where she mix denim with bodycon dresses or a leather pencil skirt and wears gorgeous multi-colors suits. Glasses, trendy earrings and a very cute short haircut – this is a style of Akpevwe.

Akpevwe Uviegha

Akpevwe Uviegha 2

Akpevwe Uviegha 3

Akpevwe Uviegha 4

  • The third one is a blogger from Lagos Tosin Alabi and her blog Africanism Cosmopolitan. You can read there a lot of information about fashion and style, hair, lifestyle, beauty and makeups. Tosin loves to cook and posts a lot of tasty recipes of her favorite dishes. She makes vlogs and you can watch them on her blog. Another useful part of her blog is a product review, where she shares her opinion about things she liked or disliked. Tosin can teach you a fashion and she cooperates with other bloggers and creative people. Lovely Tosin is a fan of a feminine and an elegant style, pencil skirts and tight pants. Her favorite colors are black, brown, white, deep blue and violet. Usually Tosin wears clothing with no prints, but sometimes she likes floral prints or stripes.

Tosin Alabi

  • The fourth one is Cassandra Ikegbune again from Lagos and her blog Cassie Daves. Her site looks professionally and exciting. It is 3 years old and tells about modeling, fashion industry and Cassandra’s lifestyle. She wants to inspire people from all the world to look stylish and creative and to share her own style and fun moments of her life. This slim petite girl has a super elegant style: she wears white laces dresses, colored glasses, high heels and beautiful hair bijou. Cassandra is a fashion model and a Creative Entrepreneur. Born in 90’s,she has done a lot and wants to share it with you.

Cassandra Ikegbune

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Cassandra Ikegbune 2

  • Meet amazing Velma Williams from Lagos and her fashion blog In Fashion Rehab. Velma says she is not an addicted, she just can’t live without fashion. Join Valma and will find out many interesting tips and tricks. For example, how to grow healthy hear fast and successfully, how to wear dresses unusually. Velma tells about fashion events in her life, such as sells or weddings, posts the most interesting celebrities looks and shows men fashion. So it doesn’t matter, if you are a boy or a girl, anyway, you will find for yourself a lot of useful information.
    Velma Williams
  • The next one fashion blogger you should get acquaintances with Millicent Arebun from Lagos and her popular blog Millare Fashion. Millicent’s blog teaches you how for instance, to cool yourself while heat and how to look posh. But the main is Millicent shares not only trendy fashion looks or tips how to make a nice hairstyle. She says a lot about the philosophy of a success and a positive mindset. She says that it is very popular now to post quotes about success and a leaderships. But you have to understand, that there is no such an option like a failure. If you can’t reach any of your goals, all you should do, is not to get upset and to give up, but to stay strong and to analyze what steps you should do to make your dreams come true. This philosophy could be very useful for all the people, not only for fans of fashion. Millicent is a Christian, and teaches to read Bible and to believe in yourself.

Millicent Arebun

Millicent Arebun2

Millicent Arebun3

  • And the seventh blogger from Nigeria is Grace Alex who is an owner of a fashion blog My Style Diary. She has such a sunny and bright personality, that you will fall in love with Grace from the first sight. She is always smiley and confident, emits love and good energy. Grace shares with readers her stylish daily feminine looks and an amazing smile. She is a simple girl, who wants to inspire people and make them fall in love in fashion.

Grace Alex

Grace Alex2

Grace Alex3

Now you know seven the most famous fashion bloggers from Nigeria. Read their blogs, study how to look cute and trendy, and don’t forget to share your looks with other people. Maybe you will become the next famous blogger of your country.

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