Who are the Nigerian fashion bloggers?

Fashion blogs in Nigeria are extremely popular. But do you know any names of the most popular bloggers whom you should follow to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Let’s find out together.

top nigerian fashion bloggers

The fashion bloggers now own their personal websites where they encourage people to look more stylish, follow their style trends as well as to buy clothes they create. Who are these fashion gurus of Nigeria? What popular Nigerian fashion designers get the biggest audience?

Let us start with a fashion blog by Dodos Uvieghara. This lady truly is a feminine creature which is a rare occasion these days. Being a Nigerian fashion blogger, she creates her own new looks and uses the experience of more experienced fashion designers from all over the world.

As Dodos Uvieghara state she adores the style of Micah Gianneli whose style is in pastel colors, not too bright but still quite catchy. The perfect look, according what the blogger-girl states, is minimalistic and feminine. Though she wears pants, she still prefers wearing “girly” clothes that only underline her personality.

popular nigerian fashion bloggers

Her personal fashion blog includes her looks in fashion dresses, skirts, paints; she also experiment with her hair which is right now cut very short. In most cases Dodos Uvieghara does not wear any makeup and still looks perfectly beautiful.

This girl got in to the top of all the Nigerian fashion bloggers thanks to her natural sense of taste  and passion for fashion.

Number two on our list of fashion bloggers from Nigeria is Hanifa Abubakar. He climbed uo to the top of this niche after she started this blog. As she claims she was asked a few times why he had not started a blog yet, and this motivated her to start one, s she wanted to let people that adore her style to keep up with her newest ideas.

nigerian fashion bloggers popularity

Hanifa Abubakar is a contributor to general Nigerian fashion styles, as she aims to help people with average income be able to afford to look stylish. Her style is pretty simple and is all based on her creativity and ability to combine wo things into a perfect new look.

Thus, as Hanifa Abubakar claims, she might look stylish even if she only had one t-shirt and a pair of pants: she would come up with a new style in ten different ways. She is not exactly a designer, as she uses already made clothes to come up with ideas; however, she got into our list of top Nigerian fashion bloggers in the view of her growing popularity especially among young people.

The other Nigerian fashion blogger you should know about is Sayedero Enitan. She is a fashion engineer, which basically means that she is working on the fashion design and its design for manufacturing. After she was recently asked about any tips on how fashion bloggers that only start their blogging experience, she said that they need to make posts on the regular bases in order for your target audience keep up with and not lose interest.

top 5 nigerian fashion bloggers

However, Sayedero Enitan is not only a top Nigerian fashion engineer; she also works for a technology company and does her blogging part time. As she explains there is no way for Nigerians to work as a blogger full time.

And one more Nigerian fashion blogger we will talk about is  Sarah Audu. She started her blogging at the age of nineteen. Now it is not only her passion but a means of living. Her main responsibilities in fashion industry is to help her clients find the best outfit for different occasions as well to share her new ideas and look on her fashion blog.

She fell in love with fashion as it was her main way of expressing her inner self. Now, she helps other people dress up according to their personality and character. She became an interesting character for her followers not only because of her fashion preferences but also thanks to her deep personality. She shares her thought on different things and events and makes it interesting for other people to read.

top nigerian fashion bloggers Enytan

So in case you want to become a full time blogger and have fashion as your main occupation, you have plenty of examples to follow. Moreover, they have already left you a path to follow to climb up the career ladder in fashion industry.

If you feel  that it is your calling to help people express their personalities through the way they look and dress up, then fashion is your passion. Start doing it right away, share your thoughts and looks online to attract new visitors. Remember to keep doing it on the regular basis not to lose the target audience. So think twice before starting a blog: if you are going to have lack of time, you will not be able to maintain popularity among readers and will kill their interest in you.

All of the bloggers mentioned above are top Nigerian fashion bloggers, and you are welcome to follow them on Instagram or subscribe to their blogs to use their ideas in your everyday fashion.

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