Who is Mr. World 2016?

What do you know about a man who won the title of the Mr. World in 2016? You will be surprised to learn that he is the first man to win this award for his country. Read the article to learn more.

Mr. World 2016

The world-known contest known as the Mr. World presented a new most talented, handsome and bright man of the planet. Their fans were surprised to learn that this time the title was received by contestants from India. This was the first time this country got the prize at this contest in its history. 
The winner’s name is Rohit Khandelwal. He is almost 27 years old and comes from India. Last year he became the winner of the Mr. India title and was sent to compete for the title of the most handsome man on the whole planet in 2016. 
He is not only the first Indian to get this award, but also the first Asian man to win it. Usually, the prize is won by men from all over the world but Asia. So you can imagine the scale of his beauty and talents, as he won the title. 
It is interesting our Mr. World 2016 was not always dreaming about a career in fashion. He finished school and entered Aurora Degree College. After his graduation, he wanted to pursue the career in some technical area. That is why he joined the team of ground workers at SpiceJet and later left it to accede to the technical support team in Dell Computers. 

Rohit Khandelwal
However, it was at that time that he thought of working in modeling full-time. Rohit Khandelwal was first noticed by a producer of a jewelry plant and was invited to model for the promotion video. This is when his modeling career really began. Later were many more videos in the advertisement. 
Soon after his “screen debut” he was offered a part in one of the episodes in Yeh Hai Aashiqui. If you have no idea what that is, it is okay. Yeh Hai Aashiqui is an Indian television series about love and its hardships. 
After he had appeared in those series, he was also offered to take part in “Million Dollar Girl”. For that role, he had to take language classes, as he was not quite good at Hindi and especially its pronunciation. 

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Later in 2015 he decided to step up and assay his powers in the Mr. India contest. He was not sure about his chances to win. However, he tried. In the course of the race Indian men were trained by the best Indian fashion gurus, which gave them all a better understanding of what this business is all about. 
 Moreover, they were trained in gyms in order to be in their best shape in the contest. As a result of his huge effort and desire to win, he was honored to be called Mr. India, and even more: he received two more awards in the contest - "Stay-On Mr. Active" and "Provogue Personal Care Best Actor.” 

Mr. World 2016 India
From his reports on how he felt like while being in the race, he stated that he was only able to win it thanks to the support of the prominent Indian fashion guru as well as his friends, family, and fans. Rohit Khandelwal pointed out that he felt their support and faith in him and was inspired to fight till the very end. 
The contest took place in the United Kingdom, namely at the Southport Theatre & Convention Centre on Tuesday this week. He was one of the 47 other finalists from all over the world. As the journalists state, the finalists represented the elite of their countries. You can imagine how good they all were, as the contest started with more than a thousand contestants all over the world last year. After a few stages, only the best were left. And only the best were sent to compete for the title at the Mr. World 2016.

pageant Mr. World 2016
The competition was quite tough. Two other men were nominated with the second and third places, even though their results were almost the same with the Indian winner. The second position was taken by the representative from Puerto Rico, Fernando Álvarez, and the third one was given to the Mexican man named Aldo Esparza Ramírez. 
The contest was held for 12 days during which the contestants were challenged to perform different tricks and show their best in various activities. The final night was a true pageant. The night was hosted by Megan Young, who was once Miss World 2013 and two handsome men – Mr. England, Jordan Williams, and Mr. Canada, Frankie Cena.
Among winners of other contests and challenges were Tristan Cameron from Scotland that won the Extreme Challenge award, Chris Bramell from England that won the Sports Challenge and Zhousheng Chang from China that won that Fashion and Style contest. 
The fourth, fifth and sixth places at the Mr. World 2016 after Rohit Khandelwal, Fernando Álvarezm and Aldo Esparza Ramírez were given to Kevin Owiti from Kenya, Lucan Montandon from Brazil and David Arias coming from El Salvador.

Mr. World 2016 pageant
It was definitely hard to choose the best among the variety of talents and readiness to go through a challenge. The jury had some hard times when trying to decide who should be given an honor of being called the most handsome, bright and intelligent man of the world. However, they tried their best, to be honest and objective. 
Rohit Khandelwal looked gorgeous in his stylish tuxedo designed for him by his favorite Nivedita Saboo. His performance was supported by Miss India Organization that provided special training for him throughout the contest. You can check out the video of the new Mr. World 2016 where he shares his values and aspirations as well as gratitude for all the support he received. 

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