Who is the founder of BellaNaija?

Who is the founder of popular fashion blog in Nigeria and how did this idea appear? How old is the founder? Read the article to learn all the facts about Bella Naija.

Bella Naija aso ebi

Bella Naija aso ebi

Uche Eze or Bella Naija is one of those Nigerians who have achieved much and have forced other population of the country to be proud of their country and stars. She was born with the name Uche Eze, but she is often mentioned as Bella Naija. She is a founder of BellaNaija.com – the leading website about entertainment, a style of life and fashion in Africa and CEO/MD Bainstone Limited, the mass media new company. The woman is only 33 years old this year (2016), but she has already achieved great success. According to experts, she was on 22nd position in the list of 100 most successful people, places, events and things, which have created the whole year. Uche Eze was the winner of award for the best using of technologies. She was also given an award for outstanding contribution to the fashion on the African fashion week 2010, which was made by Africa Fashion International (AFI) in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has been shown on the show of Oprah Winfrey under the name Beauty around the World. In February 2010, she has appeared on the screen with such stars as Jessica Simpson & Lisa Ling, who also spoke about beauty tendencies in their region. Uche Eze was also interviewed by Isha Sesay for CNN in September 2010.

Bella Naija fashion

In January 2011, Uche became the finalist of award 'The personality of year'. Her company, BainStone, has been chosen as one of the 50 most Nigerian small and medium scale enterprises with high potential. Grant from British Airways has been presented to her. According to Uche, she has begun her project under the name Bella Naija fashion as a hobby. During little injury in period between a ceremony getting of diplomas and renewal of training, she has begun to make the blog to spend boring moments with advantage. Being a large fan of fashion, she has created web page and sent scanned articles of the magazine, the image and interview of Nigerian representatives of fashion. She continued to do it under secret identification data until she has begun to have more than one million viewings every month. After that, the lady has decided to show herself before visitors of the website, who imagined her negatively.

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She founded Bella Naija blog in July 2006 and served as Managing director and Basing Editor. Later she has created Bainstone Limited in 2009, as a part of which there are other companies besides BellaNaija asoebi. Uche has begun her training in Nigeria before being admitted to Business school of Richard Ivi, university of Western Ontario in Canada, where she has graduated with honors in 2006.

BellaNaija asoebi

In the past, she worked in Shell Canada and Cadbury Middle East Africa Unit, which were based in Great Britain, and Cadbury, which was based in Nigeria. It is obviously that Eza Uche always had a big heart for great achievements. In her interview for Isha Sesay in CNN, she said: 'We always build the road before us. Each our achievement is just the first step in something much bigger'. She has told that she wants to create BellaNaija to provide corresponding African content to inspire people online. It is interesting that Uche said that she is always prepared for the worst. In one of the interviews, she has reported: ‘When I moved to Nigeria, I did not go there with ‘pink glasses’. I knew about possible problems and prepared for them, processing the essential business plan’. Imparting the experience, the lady can advise future entrepreneurs: ‘There is no fixed career path. My success consists in looking for myself, to find passion, to find talent and to constantly improve it! Do not think too much. While you think, someone can begin implementation of your ideas’. The woman always corresponds to the blog. Bella Naija dresses and a good sense of fashion are known to most people in Nigeria.

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