Why Fulani hairstyles are so unusual?

What do you know about hairstyles in Africa? What is Fulani hairstyle? Do you like Fulani tribe beauty? Read the article to find out!

Traditional Nigerian hairstyle is the fact which people should know about. What is the traditional Fulani hairstyle? What is traditional Yoruba hairstyle? Why women in these tribes are so beautiful. Women hair is a part of the life of which she is proud of. Men may complain about their wives spending too much time on making their head into something beautiful. Nevertheless, in the eyes of husband – the wife becomes a goddess.  According to various researches, ladies’ hairstyle is also part of men sexy dreams. The more creative lady goes with hairstyles, the better chances to be distinctive from the other ladies.


Fulani tribe beauty is beyond competition. The traditional Fulani hairstyle is still popular among young people in the tribe. The traditional women hairstyle is still quite popular among youngsters. They prefer to spend hours of completing their hair in a traditional way then spend some time for making European style. Although, according to the fashion industry magazines in Europe, women spend more than six hundred billion dollars in total for hair. Nevertheless, African women prefer to follow traditions. African fashion can be divided into tribes` fashion and Fulani fashion is very popular. Still, it`s needed to compare traditional African hairstyles with Fulani hairstyle to understand the difference.


In other words, it’s called Patewo. If translate it into English, it defines as clap-your-hands. It`s not a mere name. The hairstyle woven is gathered in style of two hands clasped together on the back. It`s more looks like two hands are gathered to say a prayer. To take a firm shape, the shaft is entwined in the middle. There are different styles of this hair that includes back, front and double patewo. This fashion hairstyle can be seen on the head of famous Nollywood actresses. Young Nigerian women also prefer this kind of hairstyle for parties, wedding, and other entertainment activities.


Suku is often placed with the wefts pointing to the sky. It`s similar to the hairstyle called All-Back. According to the dexterity of the stylist, Suku can be shaped in different ways on your head. It`s quite famous an African hairstyle for which black women are famous. You can even see this kind of style on the heads of Hollywood African originated actress. This hairstyle was known for many centuries in Africa. It`s pleasant looking that young Nigerian women prefer to stick to the traditions.  Suku is a perfect traditional hairstyle for weddings and parties. You wouldn`t be disappointed by wearing this magnificent hairstyle.

Plaited with threads

The most traditional way for African women. They prefer using threads on the head as it was quite sexy and useful. The style is still in vogue for girls and women. You can frequently see this kind of hair style on the heads of Hollywood actress. Moreover, not only African originated actresses prefer this kind of threads. You can even see masters and stylist on the beaches of Europe who can make this hairstyle to Europeans for money. Nevertheless, for African ladies, it looks more perfectly feet and tradition. Therefore, it`s a nice change that young women prefer to stick to the traditions in looking for the perfect hairstyle.


In Yoruba, it can be called as Kolese. One of the simplest tradition hairstyle for young Nigerians. From the name you can understand that the hair is plaited backward and separated into tiny rows connected with sharp objects. It`s a traditional hairstyle for Africa, so people tend to find African women in this kind of hairstyle mostly. If you ask a European, what hairstyle does he see more often on the African women, the answer would be All-Back. The Kolese hairstyle is known for Africans and especially for Yoruba tribe from ancient times. Therefore, it`s kind a surprise that young Nigerian women prefer to stick to this hairstyle in modern times.

Fulani hairstyle

Fulani hairstyle is an artistic hair connected with the flamboyant hairdo.  Most of the women from Northern Nigeria prefer to wear this tribal hairstyle. Fulani hair is long, partly plaited and decorated with bread. Fulani women prefer to stick to the nomad hairstyle due to their free nature. They are not mere women to live with men. Even in the marriage they still save some part of freedom in their head or on their head. You can see Fulani hair style wearing by Nollywood actress. It can also be a perfect hairstyle for any kind of event in Africa. Fulani women prefer to stick to the traditions with Fulani hairstyle.


Therefore, as you see from the article, today women in Nigeria prefer to stick to the traditions in questions of looking for perfect hairstyle. It`s no wonder! According to the various researches, men call women hairstyle as one of the sexiest parts. It`s not a secret that they prefer most other parts, but everything can be spoiled if a woman does not have a perfect hairstyle. It`s easy to grasp, most of the women prefer to take attention from men. Therefore, they should be distinguished among other women. The hairstyle is something that a woman can easily change to something magnificent to take the attention from men.

All women want to be desired, and one of the methods to be desired is to change hairstyle into something sexier. African women can perfectly be sexier with tradition hairstyles. You may try to choose a different hairstyle from Yoruba to Fulani hairstyles.

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