Women's fashion: What to wear with flat shoes?

How to choose right flat shoes? Create your stylish look today! You’ll find everything you wanted to know about creating perfect looks with flat shoes here right now!

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Flat shoes (ballet flats) are ultra-modern and functional shoes that can be worn with almost any clothing. If you still have no flat shoes, it's time to buy them, but first, you must decide how to wear flat shoes to look smart and stylish.

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Thinking about wearing flat shoes, remember the basic rule - this type of footwear is not for everyone. This is due, of course, to the fact that flat shoes can enhance your figure flaws, unless of course you do not want to buy them to wear at home, an evening stroll with the dog or yoga. If you are accustomed to flaunt yourself in society, it is necessary to pay attention to your shape.

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If you have problems with excess weight, short or fat legs, it is necessary or to take measures to reduce the disadvantages or give up the idea to wear shoes without high heels. Otherwise, ballet flats can accentuate your flaws, you'll look ridiculous and absurd, that will certainly spoil your mood. Most flat shoes are suitable for wearing for slim long-legged girls. However, this does not mean that ladies, who have not quite perfect bodies, must forget about flat shoes. Do not forget about the little female tricks - elongated skirts, blouses, accessories and so on.

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Pregnant women should not wear ballet flats too. The fact that the flat shoes have flat soles or low tankette or barely noticeable heel. As a result, the load is unevenly distributed, as a consequence, the fatigue is felt quickly, and the pain in the legs appear. It is worth attention that the pregnant lady should choose shoes with heels about 3 centimeters.

In the store you can find a huge range of flat shoes. This makes very comfortable shoes selection procedure for any girl’s look. Black, beige, silver, gold, with sequins or rhinestones, with bows and ruffles. Top trend of last summer were ballet flats with denim inserts and numerous prints.

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There are flats with the strap and without it. In both species, these nice shoes have advantages and disadvantages. For example, flat shoes with a rubber band or strap securely attach your foot, reducing to a minimum the number of small troubles, when you like Cinderella could lose a shoe in the subway, on the escalator or in public transport. At the same time ballet flats without any puffs or other fastenings on the leg look more neat and elegant, visually reducing the leg.

Flat shoes on a transparent or low tankette will add charm to your gait. After selecting a model, you will not regret it, because you lengthen legs visually and emphasize the beauty of them once again.

The range of flat shoes

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Flat shoes are multi-purpose shoes that can be worn for a walk, work, and to the party. This is why manufacturers make thousands of pairs of flat shoes of different models, styles, colors and design. Not surprisingly, the ladies often confused and lost in conjectures as how to prevent the mixing of styles. We offer you some ideas of the matter, initially talking about what you can wear flat shoes with and in the future, in principle, to focus on the most controversial cases. So, what can you wear flat shoes with?

  • Shorts. Tiny summer shorts - quick, practical and beautiful. Feel free to wear ballet flats, selected in conjunction with the bag, belt or shirt, if you have long slender legs. This outfit can be supplemented by a light asymmetric tunic and aviator sunglasses.
  • Classic blue jeans. These denim pants probably already live in your wardrobe, but for a long time they were staying on the shelf gathering dust waiting for the proper time. The time has come! Now it's time to get the jeans from the shelf and give them a new life! Wear them with the usual black or colored flat shoes (according the tone of a handbag or shirt) and feel free to go for a walk. For an evening walk or a short trip in chilly weather such look can be supplemented with a denim jacket or a light windbreaker and a small scarf.

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  • Flared jeans. It is a simple and easy way to get the stylish combination. If jeans are already bright, it is recommended to wear more classic flat shoes, without any patterns or additions. If jeans are monophonic, in order to make the look brighter you can use flat shoes with rhinestones or sequins, according the color of which you can choose the related accessories - bag, bracelet, belt, handkerchief etc.
  • Dress or sundress. To create a romantic look and positive environment around yourself, you can use such an option as wearing flat shoes with the long dress.
  • Suit. Summer suit of colored fabric with trousers, breeches or short skirt does not look quite boring in conjunction with ballet flats, which have the same tone. For example, if you are wearing a white suit with pink flowers, wear pink or white flat shoes. Choose accessories the same way.

Skinny jeans

  • Skinny jeans and leggings. If you are lucky with the figure - take this option with no doubts. It can be worn with an elegant tunic or a long white shirt, mike and plain shorts of cotton. This combination is the best option for a walk in the park, sitting on a picnic or a hike to the beach. Nothing will hamper the movements and you will feel free.
  • Skirt. A simple skirt or summer skirt with ruffles are well suited to the same tone ballet flats and a purse.

Do not wear ballet flats, combined with long pants, trailing along the ground, and with straight cut skirts and dresses to the knee.

What to wear ballet flats or flat shoes with? Women's fashion 2016.

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Flat shoes are the perfect shoes for the office, and you, of course, know it yourself. Here are a few secrets of wearing flat shoes:

  • Leather skirt with flat shoes the same color. Visually lengthen the silhouette can happen due to such combinations as a blue skirt and blue leather flat shoes, yellow skirt and ballet flats, white skirt and white ballet flats, etc. This combination avoids color discontinuity, thereby visually lengthen your legs, and that looks quite impressive.
  • Golden ballet flats. These ballet flats, combined with similar tone cravat look quite impressive, that will give you and others the good mood and dilute the look of boredom.
  • Flat shoes with bows. Classical flat shoes with lush bows - a perfect combination with the dress-holster. Complete your look with a jacket in the style of Coco Chanel and pearl beads.
  • In the style of Miranda Kerr. Wear black ballet flats with vest, red trousers, jeans jacket and a black handbag - it's a totally ‘winning’ option and it is very bright for modern fashion goers.
  • Acid flat shoes. Shoes without heels of bright acidic colors are a good choice for the dilution of the look.
  • Black bottom and white top. Going to work, wear simple black ballet flats narrower black pants and a white shirt with a wide black belt. If you choose a blouse without a belt, you can replace it with a jacket or cardigan.

pink ballet flats

Flat shoes are not just shoes and trendy and stylish accessory that you can wear in everyday life, but also an addition to your fancy, party look. Taking into account these tips, you can avoid serious mistakes, but embodying your own imagination to create a unique and unexpected look! 

Don’t be afraid to express yourself choosing unusual models. Everything is changing and maybe you’ll become a new fashion icon tomorrow!

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