Women's tattoos: What are Pros and Cons?

To ink or not to ink? Tattoos are so trendy, should you get one? Read article to find out the main pros and cons of women's tattoos.

women's tattoo temporary

To ink or no to ink that is a serious question of a lot of modern women. If you don't have diamonds to adorn yourself (or you have diamonds, but you don't like them), you can always do it with a tattoo. On the other hand, you can always take your diamonds off, but not a tattoo. Well, let's take a look at Pros and Cons of women's tattoo and let's try to decide if you really need it.

PRO: It's the way to make yourself original

Women's tattoos is not a shock for society anymore. Moreover, now it's a good way to express yourself and make your special body even more special. You can choose among thousands and thousands of options or propose an artist your own design.

But remember, that one design can be good only for one zone. It means, don't try to ink on your ankle a draft from a catalog of women's tattoos on arm. Everything is good in its place.

And trying to be original with Chinese hieroglyphs, first of all, find their real meanings. Sometimes it's awkward when instead of hieroglyph “love” you've got hieroglyph “snake” on your arm.

CON: You never know what result you may get

And still, you can't be sure about the result you will get. An ink artist is almost as important as a doctor. You are really careful in choosing a reliable doctor, so don't forget to be careful in choosing a reliable ink artist. You will trust him your body, so don't mess with it. Use an artist, whose works you have already seen and who can be recommended by the friend of yours.

Besides, you definitely don't want to spend a rest of your life with a portrait of Majek Fashek on your back instead of Flavour N'abania face. So think twice if you can trust anyone this ink mission.

women's tattoo shoulder

PRO: That's how you can remember something special

Wedding date, children's names, your personal symbol... For example, women's tattoos on the shoulder may be not just a body adornment, but they also can keep some very special information for its owner. Capturing of someone name on your body may be the biggest compliment because it's capture there forever.

To cut it short, symbolic tattoos have wordless meanings if you're sure in your symbols.

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CON: You are changing, so your skin does

The hardest thing about women's tattoos is a problem of skin changing. Throughout life, we exuviate about 18 kilograms of skin. So your tattoo will be changing all the time. You will have to outline your tattoo each year or two.

And don't let's forget that after pregnancy and childbirth woman skin stretches so the tattoos do. In this case outlining might be not a saving option. You surely don't want your tattoo to grow fat stout.

In addition, one day will be an old venerable matron, so maybe this tattoo would be the disastrous un-match with your position.

women's tattoo back

PRO: Qualitative ink hasn't any health damage

You have to be 100% sure about the high quality of the ink that your artist uses for your tattoo. Especially if you plan to wear something as serious as women's tattoo shirts which need a lot of ink.

In reality, giving consideration to good ink, the health damage of tattoos is quite far-fetched. Anyway, you should check the ink you're going to use with an allergy test to be sure it suits you perfectly.

CON: Tattooing is still risky

The ink is not the only criteria. Tattooing may be unsafe because the needles of artists spread about 22 sorts of diseases. The most dangerous of these diseases is HIV. Not going into foregone conclusions, let's just say that you can't be sure that the needles the artist uses for your tattoo are as clean as a hound's tooth.

If you are still up to ink something on your body, please, be very careful in choosing place and person to trust this mission.

rihanna's nice tattoo

PRO: Tattoo makes her owner fancier

A lot of pop-stars, it-girls and other icons of style are the happy owners of tattoos. Often it's something not commonplace. Of course, not only these tattoos build the whole image of the icons, but at the same time, they are a big important part of this image.

Can women's tattoos make their owners fancier? They totally can! If they are chosen properly.

CONS: It's hard to remove a tattoo

The laser procedure is necessary for removing a tattoo. It's always traumatic for the skin and leaves some scars. Furthermore, it's quite a pricey procedure and not the one you will like. So firstly paying for the pain of inking your body, then you have to pay for removing that ink. Weird.

women's tattoo shirt

PRO and CON: If you want it, then do it, if you doubt it, just stop

If you dream about your new amazing tattoo almost every day and night, then do it! It may be a little butterfly at some not that notable part of you. Or you can choose one of big colorful women's tattoo in private places, what is really original. The choice is yours. After all, a tattoo may really help you to feel yourself special.

But if you have more than two cons, better take more time to think. As an option, you can try a temporary tattoo and see if you like it to stay at its place forever. 

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