5 dishes Nigerians shouldn’t eat at night

Are you afraid that you will gain weight if you eat at night? Read this article to find out what is good and bad for you to eat.


Sometimes all of us have those hard days when we are always late, don’t have time for anything and come home later than usually. We are all aware that we shouldn’t eat at night.

However, sometimes we don’t have any other option as we come back late being very hungry after all day far from home. Is eating at night really that bad though? Let’s find out if it’s true!

Most of the people still think that if they eat at night they will gain a lot of weight. There is also a belief that it’s bad for your health. However, it’s not actually true.

The only way you can get fat is consuming more calories than burning. But it doesn’t mean that if you eat a lot before you go to sleep it’s not going to influence you at all.

Of course you can eat before sleeping but you just have to be aware of what is okay and what is not.

Nigerian cuisine is undoubtedly very delicious. But there definitely are Nigerian dishes that you might not want to eat late in the evening.

1. Amala and Ewedu

This dish can be found in almost any cafe or restaurant in Nigeria. It is generally loved by all the habitants of the country. Vegetable soup and wonderful Amala combined together give the amazing taste to the dish.


It is nice to eat it as lunch but do you think it is a good idea to do it before you go to bed? Definitely not. If you have this kind of food late at night it will influence the quality of your sleep.

In addition, you will have difficulty to fall asleep. You might need to use the toilet more often than usually.

2. Agege Bread

Sometimes we tend to buy something which is already cooked. This way we save a lot of time that we could have spent cooking. It is just a perfect option if we are running out of time.

We can just come home, take the food out and peacefully eat. But it’s definitely not healthy.

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Agege bread is usually something that we eat with a drink. Sometimes it is also nice to eat it with cheese, butter or something like that. And there is no problem if we eat it during the day.


But if we consume it late in the evening, we increase our chances to have a bad sleep because of the sugars inside this bread.

And the other side effect of eating Agege Bread is that you won’t be feeling full for that long period of time. You will probably become hungry in one hour after eating it.

3. The pepper soup

The pepper soup sounds so tasty! We all love it at any time of the day, but is it that harmless during the night? It usually light meal. But it is really bad for your sleep to eat it late.

Like the other foods, pepper soup also makes it hard to sleep well. It’s mostly because it is spicy.


4. Fries (any kinds of fried potatoes)

If you understand that you need to eat something light, it is a good start. But potatoes are not that kind of food that you need.

It is actually very heavy, especially if it’s fried. If you eat a huge amount of those, it will influence you really bad. You will definitely gain some weight and you would still feel not very comfortable when you wake up in the morning. That’s why really try to avoid fried potatoes.

The morning after you might also feel stomach ache.   

5. Ewa Agoyin

Eating this delicious dish might cause a lot of health problems. It is actually very bad for your heart. In general spicy food makes your sleep worse. Be very careful with choosing your late night snack.

You can eat stuff like that during the day. But even that might sometimes be harmful for you. However, if you are careful about it, it’s not going to harm you.


There are also some nice foods that can be a great substitute of the harmful dishes before sleep.

1. A little bit of rice

If you feel hungry after a long day, cook yourself some rice. This product actually makes you sleep better. And as you know, having a good sleep is very important to look and feel healthy.

Moreover, it keeps you moving throughout the day. All the doctors emphasize that eating rice is good for the health in general. In addition to it, it is very delicious.

Does it require that much time to cook it? Not at all. It is definitely better than buying fast food. So if you came back too late, eat some rice and drink a little bit milk.

2. Ham And Cheese without bread

If you think it will make you fat, don’t worry. If you eat a few slices of ham and cheese, it will make you hunger go away. Moreover, it is not going to influence your sleep.

It is truly light food so you don’t need to worry about the harm. In addition to it, the British study proved that a little bit ham and cheese will give you more energy in the morning.


It will also make the metabolism faster, which means that the calories are going to get burnt a lot faster than usually.

3. The popcorn

If you have time to watch something nice on the TV and you want something to eat with it, choose spiced popcorn. It doesn’t contain that many calories and the spices that it has are also great for the metabolism.

Popcorn is a proof that food can be useful and delicious at the same time!

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