Are oranges good for you?

Oranges are among the healthiest foods in the world. However, you need to be careful and remember about the exceptions.


The word “orange” initially meant "Chinese apple", because this fruit has its roots in China. Orange is probably the most famous and preferred fruit from the whole citrus family. Many people start their morning with orange juice not only because it's delicious, but also because it’s very useful for our body. Oranges are widely used in cosmetics, cooking and even in home decor. The benefits and harms of orange bother every person who cares about health, so read this article and be informed!

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  • Without doubt, the greatest benefit of orange is that this fruit contains huge quantities of vitamins, especially vitamin C and ascorbic acid. In the orange pulp, there’s more than sixty-five percent of ascorbic acid. Vitamin C contributes to the maintenance and strengthening of collagen, which is the elastic tissue of the human body and ensures the elasticity of our blood vessels and skin.
  • The component of orange called flavonoid (also called hesperidin) has very important properties, which reduce the amounts of cholesterol in the blood, lower direct arterial pressure, possess strong anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, you should consume orange to prevent strokes and heart attacks.
  • Oranges contain large quantities of citric acid, which does not allow nitrates and nitrites accumulate in the human body. Present in the juice and pulp of orange and volatile, which known for its ability to rid the body of harmful substances. They even referred to as natural antibiotic of plant origin.
  • It is interesting that not only pulp and juice of the orange is useful, but also its peel. The peel is known for improving the function of all digestive organs.
  • Oranges contain folic acid, an important vitamin for the female body. This vitamin is an excellent prevention of depression. Its most important function is to support female reproductive health, and to prevent the development of congenital defects of the baby during conception and pregnancy.
  • Orange is useful as cosmetic products. Specialists in this area offer a lot of different recipes that contain this exotic fruit, mainly for people with dry skin. Different creams and infusions containing ingredients derived from oranges are recommended to regularly clean the skin of the neck and face. These procedures make it cleaner and contribute to the attainment of a healthy color of the sin. Many people know the simplest mask made of slices of orange. This way, this fruit very effectively imbues the skin with vitamins.

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  • Despite of all the useful properties of orange, it also has negative aspects. The fact that the vitamin C and citric acid are useful for most healthy people, it’s a big problem for people suffering from various forms of ulcerative diseases of stomach and duodenum.
  • Remember! People who have allergic reactions have to be careful because citrus fruits are the top ten foods that cause allergies.
  • If eating oranges and drinking orange juice regularly, the orange can affect the teeth. Sugar and acid are substances quite harmful for tooth enamel and can lead to increased tooth sensitivity and even destruction.

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Orange oil properties

The oil from the peel of the fruit is saturated with its aroma and gives a festive mood. However, the bright smell is not main advantage. The orange oil has anti-inflammatory, relaxing, antiseptic, tonic, regenerating and soothing properties.

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Oranges in culinary

You can use orange pulp and peel for preparing meals and juices. The orange oil can be useful in the manufacture of liquors, liqueurs, pastries, sauces, etc. Using oranges, you can cook jams, salads, smoothies, compotes. Putting a piece of the peel of the fruit in sugar, you can get flavored food supplement.

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