Are scrambled eggs good for you?

Eggs can be a good choice if you want to control the feeling of hunger during the day and reduce calorie intake. What benefits have eggs for you more? You'll find the answer there!

scrambled eggs

Composition and useful properties of the scrambled eggs

The egg is primarily a natural source of protein and nutrients. Therefore this product is considered as necessary food for each of us. The results of cardiologists showed that cholesterol part of the egg is harmless to humans.
It is considered, that one egg contains up to 14% of the daily value of protein. The scrambled eggs are the healthiest breakfast among others. Therefore eggs are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals useful for the human body.

benefits of scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs contain a big amount of vitamins, such as group B, A, E, D, PP, and N. Moreover, they contain other beneficial elements, like calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, iron, manganese, selenium, phosphorus, and others.

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E contained in the composition has an antitumor effect, strengthens blood vessels and heart.

scrambled eggs

Vitamin D

Vitamin D in combination with phosphorus are both good for teeth and bone.

egg`s yolk

Egg yolk in excess contains a single substance — the strongest antioxidant lutein. Eating eggs is a significant prevention of vision problems, especially cataracts. 


Eggs for pregnant women 

Eggs are good for pregnant women. Therefore, they contain all necessary for proper development of the fetus substances. Also, eggs have a low calorie, and thanks to lecithin and choline promote elimination of fat and cholesterol from the body, that is not unimportant for people caring about their weight.

eggs for pregnant

Nutrients and amino acids support vital functions of the human body. Another essential advantage of eggs is their energy value, which athletes need.
Scrambled eggs contain lots of protein. The fat contained in egg`s yolk, but the yolk contains in addition to this a lot of useful substances needed by the body.

Regular consumption of eggs

  • improves memory;
  • makes your sleep deep;
  • increases the level of intelligence;
  • provides a good mood;
  • stimulates the absorption of calcium that prevents aging;
  • makes the hair thick;
  • cure mucous membranes.

useless of eggs

Useful elements contained in the eggs

  • increase efficiency;
  • promote healthier skin;
  • relieve acne;
  • prevent heart attacks;
  • factors included in the yolk are helpful in strengthening blood vessels, healthy complexion, avoid the development of cancer.

In addition to this, useful elements contained in egg white contribute to building muscle, strengthening an immune system, improving eyesight, metabolism. Therefore, most fans of eggs have good health.

advantages of scrambled eggs

Disadvantages of scrambled eggs

Also, eggs have some drawbacks. First of all, eggs are one of the most common allergens. As a rule, children often have allergic to chicken eggs. It can go with age, but often, it remains for life. Food allergy isn't good for your health.  An allergic person may have a violation of the chair, breathing difficulties, asthmatic symptoms, and even anaphylactic shock.

disadvantages of scrambled eggs
Also, scientific argue about the relationship between eating eggs and cholesterol levels in the blood. Cardiologists consider eggs as potentially dangerous for health products. The egg white has cholesterol. Therefore, many doctors advocate the view that the use of eggs in food should be limited, because cholesterol can cause such a terrible disease, as atherosclerosis.

Take care of your eating ration and be healthy! 

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