Are tomatoes good for you?

Do you like eating tomatoes? What are tomatoes health benefits? And have you ever thought about the reason why you should eat them? Read the article and find out something interesting about tomatoes production in Nigeria.

properties of tomatoes

Useful properties of tomatoes and a lot more about this "signor" will be discussed in this article.

It seems to me that almost everybody loves tomatoes. Just like tomatoes with a pinch of salt, or in the form of tomato juice or under the spicy tomato ketchup for some dish.

The short history of tomatoes. Where did tomatoes come from?

It is now that tomatoes are grown anywhere where there is enough sun. But at first, wild varieties of tomatoes came from South America. Have you seen the flowers of tomatoes? Well, someone found them beautiful enough to grow in his garden near the daisies and roses)) And the fruits of tomatoes were considered poisonous.  Now Nigerian citizens have the best opportunity to get fresh tomatoes from tomatoes farming in Nigeria.

Let's try to consider both sides of this issue - whether tomatoes are good for you or bad.



Eating tomatoes is very pleasant, but even tastier this product can be if we clearly know that it is useful for us.

A large amount of useful vitamins and trace elements, vegetable fiber - this is what we have in the asset.

In addition, tomatoes contain a unique pigment lycopene, which, according to some estimates, is a good prevention of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases and some other diseases.

Fresh tomatoes and tomato juice are useful in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases because of the high content of iron and potassium, and tomatoes are useful for gastritis with low acidity, general fatigue, memory loss, anemia. Tomato juice lowers blood pressure, in addition, the high content of pectin substances in the tomato helps to reduce cholesterol amount in the blood. Due to the high content of biologically active substances, tomatoes regulate metabolic processes and the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Let's now consider what harmful effects can have tomatoes.

The dangers of tomatoes

danger of tomatoes

Let's start with the fact that the quality of tomatoes strongly depends on their origin. If we are talking about a tomato that is grown with love by your grandmother in your garden it is one thing.

But also some tomatoes can be grown out of season. For example, in January in a greenhouse. These tomatoes were in need of growth stimulation – there were used all kinds of fertilizers.

It is believed that any harmful properties (and even poisonous), which were attributed to tomatoes for a long time were associated with green colour. So markets are full of tomatoes that have been plucked unripe and ripened in transit.

However, there are arguments even AGAINST home grown tomatoes.

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Even doctors do not recommend to eat tomatoes for people suffering from:

  • Kidney disease
  • Diseases of liver
  • High blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Gout

Why are there so many negative factors about tomatoes?


Arthritis and gout, diseases of kidney - tomatoes contain sensitive component - oxalic acid.

Importantly, it is not just a theory. My advice: don't too eat many tomatoes – 200 grams will be enough.

My recipe of salad with tomatoes

The recipe is very simple and very tasty.

  1. Take 2 tomatoes, about 200 grams. Cut them into medium pieces.
  2. Red sweet onion - cut it into very thin rings. We will need about a quarter of a medium onion. Well, you can take a half of it if you are not afraid to make you salat really “hot”.
  3. Avocado. Very soft avocado should be cut into large chunks, you can add cucumbers.
  4. Dill or parsley. I put a lot of it.
  5. Add salt and oil.

Stir and eat! Bon appetit!

properties of tomatoes

How to choose tomatoes?

Best of all, as we now understand, it is to buy the "garden" tomatoes that got ripe in the garden. But, if you have decided to buy tomatoes at the market, here are a couple of tips from me:

  • Tomatoes should not be too elastic.
  • Tomatoes should smell like tomatoes.
  • Inside should not be pellets (a sign of chemicals contained).


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