Avocado: 7 reasons to eat the fruit weekly

How can avocado improve your health? These 7 benefits will convince you eat it weekly!


We all wish to be healthy and to look healthy. Eating fruits and veggies and avocado in particular promotes our well-being, longevity and good looks. So, here is why you should eat it a few times a week.

7 health benefits of avocado:

This fruit has much to offer for your healthy and it is tasty. You can find many great and easy avocado recipes online. These 7 reasons would certainly move you to eat more of it.

  1. Skin health
    Skin is the largest organ of your body. It’s impossible to keep it healthy from outside. No cream or facial will help you to have glowing and young looking skin unless you eat well. Avocado is full of vitamin E and C. It restores the skin fast and prevents damaged cells. It also helps to get rid of redness and inflammation.
     reasons to eat the fruit weekly
  2. Eyes’ health
    Eating avocado often prevents aging of your eyes and restores your sight. So, if you wish to maintain it in working condition, eat the fruit daily or at least weekly.
  3. Health of your heart
    Millions of people yearly die of various heart diseases. Avocado reduces bad cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy.

     reasons to eat the fruit
  4. Cancer prevention
    Avocado can prevent the colorectal cancer, as it is rich in fiber and helps to cleanse your stomach of bacteria and red meat remnants that get stuck there.

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  5. Diabetes prevention
    It helps your body to process sugar more efficiently and controls bad cholesterol. It gets the amount of glucose in blood under control.
  6. Bad breath prevention
    It’s a natural remedy to cure the bed breath. So, eat few slices of avocado before you leave the house to freshen up.
     reasons to eat
  7. Cures arthritis
    Avocado is rich in elements that prevent inflammation. So, it keeps your joins healthy, prevents and cures or eases arthritis.

These 7 health benefits of avocado are great, so eat it daily or at least several times a week and stay well.

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