Benefits of green tea: what are they?

What are the major health benefits of green tea? These 15 will surprise you!

Benefits of green tea

Can such a simple product as green tea offer significant benefits for your health or the ones you had no idea about? Let’s find out what this type of tea has to offer.

15 health benefits of green tea:

From old times people used tea not only to enjoy it as a drink, but also as a remedy. Consuming this product has many health consequences and ancient Chinese used it in traditional medicine. Some of these 15 benefits of green tea may surprise you.

  1. Faster recovery
    Green tea is full of anti oxidants. These things kill free radicals that damage body cells. So, once you fill up their supply, your body starts restoring itself faster and you recover well after sickness.
     green tea
  2. Your cells regenerate faster
    This slows down the aging of your body. Cells get not only restored faster, but replaced, too. And you do not age as fast. Your body, skin, looks and performance become better.
  3. Green tea makes you smarter
    It has caffeine in it. It alerts your brain and nerve system. It keeps you awake and more productive without getting addiction or getting you as excited as coffee does.
  4. Keeps your heart healthy
    Green tea positively affects the blood vessels in your body. It keeps them more relaxed and able to handle high pressure.
  5. Helps you shed pounds
    You can stay fitter drinking green tea. It promotes burning fat in your body and helps to process more calories instead of storing them on hips or belly.
    Benefits of tea
  6. Prevents teeth decay
    Something called “catechin”, which is one of the green tea components, kills germs in your mouth and stops them from eating away your teeth.
  7. Perfect skin
    It helps to regenerate skin cells. You get rid of age wrinkles and clear spots off. You can use green tea both for internal and external skin care. For instance, you can make ice cubes out of it to rub on your face to keep the skin healthy and shining.
  8. Cheers you up
    Scientists say green tea can cope with depression. It’s not for nothing people offer those in distress to sit down and get a cup of tea. It relaxes you and keeps you calmer.
  9. Kills germs
    It’s good for your stomach and other organs. You can use green tea to rinse teeth or clean the skin daily.
  10. Boosts your physical performance
    If you love sports or go to a gym, take cold green tea with you. It’s great for runners. The tea not only quenches your thirst, but boosts your ability to workout.

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  11. Prevents cancer
    The aforementioned antioxidants kill cancer cells and destroy free radicals, which seem to be causing it.
  12. Keeps away dementia
    This condition is not a very common one in China or Japan. People drink much green tea daily and have much lower rates of Alzheimer’s.
  13. Prevents Diabetes II
    It keeps the level of sugar in blood under control. You may want to drink it with just little sugar added for better health.
  14. Promotes longevity
    It cuts down the risks of stroke death by over 40 percent! Green tea drinkers lower their risk of early death by 20 percent!
  15. Makes you happy
    It’s an enjoyable drink. You can consume it alone or chatting with your friends. When someone feels happy, they become healthier and live longer!

As you see, this drink has amazing health benefits and you should enjoy it daily.

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