Can dieting cause depression?

What are the products, which can cause a depression during the diet? Can poor diet cause depression, according to the opinion of modern specialists? Read the article to find all answers on the question.

dieting depression

Сan dieting cause depression?

Diets are popular now, especially ones restricting carbohydrates. They can become the depression reason. Scientists have reported about it. As the researchers have shown, the lack of carbohydrates developing against the background of such diets leads to increase in content in serotonin in brain tissues. It is the important biologically active agent, which takes part in the regulation of mood and perception of the feeling of hunger. It doesn't mean that each follower of low-carbohydrate diet has a depression. The sensitivity of people to a decrease of serotonin is individual. However, researchers have shown that such biochemical shifts can cause sharp changes of mood, when morning cheerfulness turns into the real attack of a depression in the evening, in 20-30 percent of people. However, it should be noted that researchers of low-carbohydrate diets haven't agreed with results of this research.

So, for example, one of the leading English diet specialists has declared that in the clinical researchers, conducted by him, at most of volunteers not deterioration, but, on the contrary, improvement of mood was noted. Besides, he said that for the production of serotonin proteins, not carbohydrates are necessary, therefore, the mechanism of decrease in the content of this substance described by scientists about dieting and depression isn't quite clear. So, can poor diet cause depression?

Serotonin is a really so-called ‘hormone of pleasure.’ It is a neurotransmitter of multilevel action. This is, first of all, the chief controller of our appetite. It appears when the person just eats. Therefore, very frequent people, especially women, eat a lot during a stress. There are some drugs directed to the strengthening of the effect of serotonin, but they don't guarantee lack of undesirable consequences. Therefore, it is preferable to influence the formation of serotonin at the cellular level in a natural way.

can poor diet cause depression

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Serotonin is the protein allocated by the nervous system, and the main construction element is the amino acid, which isn't produced by our organism but arriving from the outside with food. But passing of acid from a digestive tract to nervous cells is rather difficult, that in turn complicates producing of serotonin. Fortunately, one of the derivatives of this amino acid, which is also promoting the production of serotonin meets in nature and is contained in some food and plants.

But, at the same time, serotonin increases fatigue and drowsiness. In that case, it is possible to increase the level of the power in quite a simple way: having blocked its entering in the organism. First of all, it is necessary to estimate the general ratio of carbohydrates and proteins in your diet. If you have an equal amount of both of them, then everything is all right. And if you have too many carbohydrates, it is necessary to reconsider the habits. Food, in which there are too many carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, bean, porridges, bread, pasta, pastries, and fruits) stimulates serotonin secretion powerfully, and you will constantly feel fatigue and slackness.

The best diets are balanced when you can eat practically any food but in moderate quantities. And then you have no deficiency of any nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats). For health, it is necessary to receive various nutrients and even fat (about the harm of which it is written a lot), but in moderate doses. It promotes digestion of fat-soluble vitamins.

Moderation is a key to beauty and health. It is very difficult to limit and to keep yourself from overeating. Besides the feeling of hunger spoils the mood and causes dieting depression. And that's why it is possible even to get extra kilos. The organism will decide that it is threatened by hunger, and will begin to postpone additional reserves in the form of fatty tissue.

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