Can food poisoning kill you?

Is it possible to be killed by food poisoning? Read the article to get to know about it.

What food can be poisonous?

Food poisoning - is a disease that occurs when you eat products, toxic in their nature, containing or contaminated with bacterial poison. Food that causes a painful condition, can contain toxic substances of microbial or non-microbial nature harmful to the body.

Food poisoning is a common disease. There is no secret that the majority of cases of the diseases occur in times of festivals and feasts, especially if the celebrations continue for several days. Products are purchased in this period in a hurry, harvested for future use, and are often kept out of the refrigerator. Besides, everyone knows the problem of yesterday cooked salads and snacks that you do not want to throw away. As a result, even the most innocuous piece of cake or a portion of some salat - is a risk becoming a real poison for the body.

Can food poisoning kill?

Poisoning is characterized by acute gastroenteritis and intoxication. The following symptoms are typical for any food poisoning:

nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, weakness, severe weakness, headache or dizziness, fever, dysfunction of the cardiovascular system and loss of consciousness (in severe cases).

The symptoms of food poisoning in most cases appear within 1-2 hours after consuming substandard food.

 What can be poisoned?

Of course, the most common cause of "home" poisoning - are products that have expired or food that storage conditions have been violated. Widespread poisoning caused by staphylococcus toxins, actively proliferate at the room temperature for food such as meat, cream cakes, dairy products and others. Food can be contaminated and have many other organisms, including salmonella or botulism bacillas. Often the cause of intoxication is consumption of cottage cheese and cheese products made from milk, pasteurization is not done, sour cream, young cheese.

What kind of food may be dangerous?

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Note that contamination of food with bacteria and toxins occur in various ways. It might happen due to violations of sanitary and technological conditions of production, transportation, storage and sale of raw materials. As for products of animal origin (meat, eggs, fish), they may still be afflicted with the animal's life as a result of infections carried over them.

Furthermore, poisoning may be a consequence of the use of crop plants. For example, bitter apricot kernel, peaches, almonds, cherries contain glucoside amygdalin, which, under the action of enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract, cleaves to form prussic acid. Raw or undercooked kidney beans are also very dangerous, because they contain toxic substance - fazeolunatin. Poisonous berries and mushrooms, as well as some varieties of fish are contaminated by chemicals (arsenic, copper, lead, zinc, selenium, sodium nitride) - all possible sources of food poisoning. It is also necessary to mention the observance of hygiene standards: if you sit at the table with unwashed hands, the chances to get problems with the gastrointestinal tract are always higher.

Is it a risky kind of food?

From the history of poisoning

Food poisoning - it is not only unpleasant disease, but also one of the oldest methods of murder. In fact, in the old days, there was no way to establish the presence of poison in the body of the deceased, so death is often considered to be natural, and the poisoner left unscathed.

We know that food poisoning can occur not only as a special case, but also in the form of massive outbreak, covering a significant number of people. One of the largest in the history of such incidents was recorded in 2010 in Bangladesh. About 77 million people were to suffer from hazardous influence of arsenic contained in water from wells. Experts say that more than 20% of the studied deaths in Dhaka were associated with toxic exposure, provoking a cancer of the urogenital system, lungs and skin. The World Health Organization (WHO) called the figures released by scientists as the largest mass poisoning of people.

The question concerning the lethal consequences is still open. What to do not to be killed by food poisoning?

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For first aid until the arrival of the doctor, you can:

  • wash out the stomach with plenty of water (or a weak solution of potassium permanganate);
  • induce vomiting, give the victim a laxative (for example, 2 tablespoons of castor oil) to give enema, take activated charcoal 3-5 g every 15 minutes;
  • every half an hour it is needed to give the victim a hot drink ( strong tea and coffee), drinks during this period should be in abundance to avoid dehydration.

This way you may avoid the threat of being killed by food poisoning.

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