Can frozen food go bad?

Frozen food is the perfect solution for easy midweek meals. Stock up the freezer with the fantastic selection of frozen food industry, including frozen fruit and vegetables, frozen fish, vegetarian meals and gluten free dishes. Can frozen food go bad? Find the answer here.

frozen food
Method of freezing does not improve the taste or texture of the food.

But the correct implementation of this option will help to keep most of the current product useful properties. Can frozen food go bad? If we know how long a particular element should be stored in the freezer, we can find a response to many questions.

The retention periods listed below can be regarded as the approximate number of months for some food products taking into account the fact that the food was properly cooked, packed and stored in a refrigerator at a temperature not higher than -18 °C.

To have food in the best quality, it is advisable to keep it up to the shortest storage period.

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frozen food

Approximate time storage of food at -18 °C corresponds:

Fruits and vegetables: 8 to 12 months;

Poultry: 6 — 9 months;

Fish 3 to 6 months;

Minced meat: 3 — 4 months;

Processed or cured meats: 1 — 2 months.

As a matter of fact, several reasons affect the shelf life of frozen food besides the type of food.

frozen food

Frozen food is pre-processed with boiling water or steam.

Blanching helps to stop the enzyme that causes loss of flavor, color, texture and nutrients even in frozen form.

frozen food

Food package.

All the products before packing are advised to cool down to speed up the freezing process and to help preserve the natural color, taste, and texture. Packaging materials must be moisture and vapor resistant, durable and sealed to protect the product from tastes and odors.

Also, they should be easy to seal. A good choice of packaging materials for cold foods are rigid containers made of plastic, glass or aluminum, semi-rigid pans of aluminum foil, plastic bags. For better resistance to humidity, it is important not to forget to choose containers made specifically for freezing foods. Also, you should leave enough free space for the food can expand without compromising the integrity of the packaging. Each of them is important to mark, writing the product name, the list of added ingredients, packaging date, and some servings. You can use a special tape, pens, and labels, designed for use in the freezer.

frozen food

The temperature should be right

To freeze and store food is best at a temperature range of -18 °C or below to preserve the best qualities. Do it immediately after packaging and sealing. The freezer should not be overloaded. It is best to leave space among the newly added packages, in order the cold air can circulate freely between them. It is best to follow the rule "the sooner we start the sooner we finish," that is, to place the products should be in the order they were added. Most of the old elements should be applied so that they are easy to get. They should be used first.

When it comes to healthy eating at home, you cannot underestimate the benefit and value of the freezer. You can not deny, that the semi-cooked frozen food significantly saves our time when you need to work hard and quickly to cook for the whole family. But it is one thing to buy frozen food in the shop and quite another thing to make the semi — cooked product yourself.

Also, the technology of freezing allows you to save the budget.

frozen food

The technology of freezing will also preserve the useful properties of seasonal ingredients — such as strawberry, car, currants, blueberries, cherries, mushrooms, and more.

How long a pot of soup or chicken can be stored in the freezer?

According to the American Inspection Services, food, stored at minus 17 degrees Celsius, can be kept for a very long time. But this does not mean that the duration of freezing does not affect the taste, quality, and consistency of the products.

Keep in mind that the longer the product is kept in the freezer, the quicker loses its beneficial properties. But there are time limits within which the semi-finished products are more or less fresh.

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