Can tea expire?

What are the facts about popular tea drinks in bags and what are they dangerous for? Why is tea in bags stored less than the natural tealeaves? Read the information below to learn more facts about the favorite drink of many people to keep your health safe.

Whether the use of overdue tea is dangerous

Can tea tree oil expire and what about tea drink?

The aroma of fresh brewing tea is pleasant. The warm color of hot drink in a transparent glass warms the soul and improves mood. And the passed date of packing with the inscription 'Expiration date' doesn't confuse at all. But there are time frames, in which it is necessary to use a product. The producer warns us about possible negative consequences in advance. Actually, as all food, this fragrant drink has an expiration date. However, here it is necessary to understand this term correctly. On packs of different producers there is inscriptions: 'Expiration date', 'Period of storage' and so on. The first of them means that time interval, after which the product can't be used as it can do harm to health. The second term means the period during which at the observance of certain conditions quality of a product remains invariable. In a situation with tea, speaking about an expiration date or storages, its ability to keep useful properties and tastes means. The ability of tea to give us pleasure and advantage depends on whether it was collected correctly, how was it packed, and whether it is stored and made correctly. The main factor is the type of tea.

Tea has such property as the ability to fermentation. Depending on its degree, there is also a huge number of types of tea with different properties and expiration dates. On the shelves of shops, the whole color scale of this drink meets. There are black, green, red, white, and blue. In a bag of tea, pieces of fruits or some fragrance can be added (not always natural). And tea can be made not of leaves of a tea tree, but of curative herbs. The color of drink depends on a way of its processing and on oxidation level.

Quality definition

  • White, yellow, green

Tea leaflets at the production of drink are slightly fried. Because of that, there is a bright grass taste and smell. Such way of producing preserves many useful elements. Tea of these types is stored no more than a year. At the choice of drink of this kind, pay attention to the place of collecting and the place of production specified on packing. If they territorially coincide, you can safely enjoy drink within 12 months, and if not, then the period of storage will automatically be reduced twice.

  • Red, blue, black

These grades are not only very tasty but also useful and curative. They are practically not exposed to thermal treatment at production, but carefully dried in the sun or in a shadow (depending on a grade) and are aired. Because leaflets were oxidized almost completely, the expiration date lasts up to 2 years at the condition that tea is grown up and packed in the same place. If to speak about already cooked drink, of about its basis, then tea leaves of black tea need to be used within half an hour or to store it in the refrigerator no more than one day. Leaves of this type begin to emit harmful substance. Therefore, you shouldn't shelve a tea ceremony.

  • Can green tea expire? Green tea is quite suitable for a repeated cooking (up to 3 times). It will lose neither in taste nor in useful things. But it is worth storing a tea basis in the refrigerator after each new preparation to try to use it within 12 hours.

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Can tea tree oil expire and what about tea drink

Do Lipton tea bags expire?

Can tea bags expire? For the production of the packaged tea, people almost always use the low-quality raw material, generally, waste from the production of leaf tea. Therefore, it is possible to speak about quality conditionally. For improvement of flavoring and color qualities, fragrances and pieces of fruit are added to it. The only advantages of such drink are the fortress and speed of cooking. However, if you can see large leaves through a bag, you are very lucky. Tea is stored in bags no more than half a year.

Whether the use of overdue tea is dangerous?

What happens with tea on the expiration of his expiration date? The less dangerous is a loss of its aroma and taste. In addition, the structure of tea leaves changes and it can simply turn into dust. However, expired tea can become the reason of a serious poisoning, diseases of stomach, intestines, and liver as the poison emitted with a fungus is formed and collected in it. Therefore, you shouldn't risk health.

Quality definition

How to define that the bought tea is of low quality? The first that you need to make in the shop is to pay attention to packing. Give preference to the leaf drink packaged in opaque packages (perhaps paper) placed in tin or ceramic banks. Surely, there has to be a plaque, which isn't passing foreign smells. Tea leaves have to be of the approximately identical size and have the color as close as possible to black (if it is about black or red tea). The presence of tea dust (mainly at the bottom of a box with the packaged drink), broken fragments and branches aren't allowed. When opening a pack, the pleasant and saturated smell has to be felt.  Correctly dried up leaves in the attempt to break them crackle and aren't scattered in dust. At the cooking process, the foam, which doesn't fall within several, has to be formed. The qualitative drink is transparent. Cold water is painted not with tea, but dye. The color is given by the tea sheets placed in water with a temperature more than 75 degrees depending on a grade. In a glass, the plaque shouldn't be formed. Good tea is packed in the place of cultivation, therefore, read packing attentively. The qualitative product can't be cheap.


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