Diet and blood group: Is there any connection?

When was humankind divided into groups according to the composition of blood? Why did this happen? Read the article to learn more.

diet blood groups

From the moment scientists have determined that human blood is not the same at all, and is divided into groups, the direction of research scientists could easily predict — what the difference between people with different blood group is and what unites them.

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Human blood

Asking these questions and answering them, scientists could not link the group of human blood and its power system. So a diet for blood group is very popular in the last few years. It is based on a very simple principle – people with a particular blood type should eat the same food people ate at the time when the blood appeared. Thus, it is natural to tell the person what food for him at this stage of development was the most favorable. It is noted, for example, that the diet for blood group not only improves the digestive tract and metabolism but also dramatically enhances the immunity system. The idea should be taken into consideration that several cases are described when this diet has eliminated the symptoms of allergies.

blood group diet

Diet and blood group types

Humankind has four blood groups. They appeared at different times, under the laws of nature. So, blood and food are closely interlinked and support each other. Such a conclusion became the basis for the blood group diet. The relation between diet and blood groups are very close.

Initially, all people had only one blood group — the first. The primary food of the individuals in this period was meat.

Later, when people mastered farming, they started to eat more plant foods. So, farmers had a second blood group.

Later began the era of the Great Migration. Appeared livestock. During this period formed the 3-rd group of blood. The third group of blood started to drink milk.

The fourth group of blood is believed to mean the end of the period of migration and mixing of the second and third groups.

blood group diet

Can we lose weight keeping a blood diet?

Losing weight in the process of following the recommendations of nutritionists is not due to the severe restrictions. We eat the food to which we are historically and biologically inclined. So, metabolism and immunity are enhanced. The body itself gets rid of toxins and excess fats. And you lose weight!

Of course, during two weeks or even a month, the body will not rebuild. It takes a while.

Let's briefly look at how does the diet for blood group helps to lose weight because most diets are invented on this background. So, the diet for blood group is more suitable for those who want to lose weight for a holiday or beach season. If you have problems with health and shape and want to improve your health, you should lose weight not so quickly, but efficiently and permanently.

blood group diet

Diet for the first group of blood

The first group of blood — "the Hunter." The eldest blood group. From it in the process of evolution happened the rest groups. 33,5% of the population belongs to this type. These people are characterized as strong, confident leaders.

Strengths: good digestive system, healthy immune system, designed for efficient metabolism and preservation of nutrients.

Weaknesses: difficult to adapt to a change in diet and environmental conditions sometimes the immune system is too active and operates against the organism (allergies).

Risks: poor blood clotting, inflammation (arthritis), increased the acidity of the stomach (ulcers), allergies.

Food with blood group is as follows:

  • Diet high-protein — meat-eaters
  • Right: meat (except pork), fish, seafood, Vegetables and fruits (except sour), pineapples, bread - rye, in limited quantities.
  • To limit: porridge, wheat and products from it (including white bread). Beans and buckwheat - you can.
  • To avoid: Cabbage (except broccoli), wheat and all products from it, corn and all the goods from it, marinades, ketchup.
  • Good drinks: green tea, grassy teas, ginger, mint, cayenne pepper, licorice, limes; seltzer water
  • Drinks neutral: beer, wine red, and white, chamomile, ginseng, sage, Valerian, raspberry leaf,
  • Drink: coffee

If you want to lose weight, eating appropriately for your blood type, it is necessary to exclude: fresh Cabbage, beans, corn, wheat, citrus, ice cream, sugar, pickles, and potatoes.

Help to lose weight and lose weight: seaweed (brown kelp), fish and seafood, iodized salt, meat, especially beef, lamb, liver, greens, salads, spinach, broccoli, radishes

Recommended vitamins and supplements: b Vitamins, vitamin K, calcium, manganese, iodine, licorice root, seaweed, the enzyme of pancreatic cancer. Avoid: vitamin a, vitamin E.

If you have the first blood group a positive RH diet will be the same as with negative RH factor; there is a difference.

The program of reduction of weight also suggests — very intensive exercises: aerobics, skis, run, swimming.

blood group diet

Diet for the second group of blood

The second blood group — "Farmer." This type has arisen at the transition from the most ancient style of lives (hunters) to more settled, agricultural way of life. 37,8% of the population are the representatives of this type. Characteristic features - consistency, sedentary life, good adaptation to a job in collective, self-organization.

Strengths: adapts well to changes in diet and environment, immune and digestive systems highly efficient, if observed appropriate diet (vegetarian).

Weaknesses: Vulnerable gastrointestinal tract, weak immune system, opens to all infections, hypersensitivity of the nervous system. You should keep to full vegetarianism. Food for blood group is specific. Eat more vegetables, green salads, whole grains, legumes, fruits (except sour orange, mandarin, rhubarb, papaya, bananas, and coconuts), fish (exclude flounder, halibut, herring, caviar, and seafood), and sugar — in moderation, of milk, can low-fat cheese and yogurt.

Recommended drinks are coffee, green tea, red wine.

Juices — carrot, pineapple, grapefruit, cherry. Water with lemon juice.

Avoid orange juice, black tea, all soda drinks.

If you need to control weight to eliminate: meat chicken and turkey, dairy, wheat, any pepper, ice cream, sugar.

Vitamins and supplements — vitamins b, C, E, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, chromium, Bifidobacteria, herbal tea, ginseng, and Echinacea.

Diet for the second blood group positive RH is the same as for a negative RH factor.

Diet for the third blood group

The third blood — "Nomad." Approximately 20.6% of the population of the Earth. Balanced, flexible, creative. This type occurred as a result of migration of races.

Strengths: strong immune system, flexible adaptation to changes in diet and environmental conditions, a balanced nervous system. No fundamental weaknesses, but the imbalance in the diet can occur autoimmune diseases and instability to rare viruses.

blood group diet

Diet for the third blood groups is described as follows.

This is a group that can afford to different diets and methods of food due to good adaptation to a variety of foods. Diet mixed (balanced). "Nomads" are omnivores, meat, fish, milk and dairy, eggs, cereals (except buckwheat and wheat), vegetables (except corn, tomato, pumpkin, and olives), fruit.

Food for blood group recommends avoiding: seafood, pork, chicken.

Recommended drinks: green tea, green teas (a Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, sage, raspberry leaf), Cranberry juice, cabbage, grape, pineapple. Neutral: orange juice, beer, wine, coffee, black tea,

No tomato juice.

In weight control, one should exclude corn, lentils, peanuts, buckwheat, wheat, vegetables, and pork.

Green salads, herbs, eggs, liver, beef, licorice root, soybeans help to control weight.

Vitamins and supplements — magnesium, lecithin, licorice, Gingko Biloba, Echinacea, brome lain.

blood group diet

Diet for the fourth group of blood

The fourth blood group — "Mixed type." 7-8% of the population. The fourth group of blood arose as a result of evolution at the merge of two opposite types — A and B.

Strengths: the youngest group of blood, flexible, a very sensitive immune system that combines the advantages of types A and B.

Weaknesses: Vulnerable digestive tract, too "open" immune system, unstable to microbial infections, combines the disadvantages of types A and B.

So, the diet for blood group is as follows.

Moderate-mixed diet, meat (lamb, rabbit, turkey, fish, except seafood), dairy products, cheese, soy cheese, olive oil, cod liver oil, walnuts, and peanuts, cereals (except buckwheat and corn), except pepper, black olives, fruit, except sharp and sour.

Recommended drinks: coffee, green tea, teas of chamomile, ginseng, ginger, rose hips, Echinacea, hawthorn,

Neutral: beer, fault, tea from mint, Valerian, raspberry.

Not recommended: Senna, a Linden, and teas from them.

The weight loss program does not support the red meat, ham, and bacon, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, pepper, wheat, and corn.

Vitamins and supplements — vitamin C, Hawthorn, Valerian, zinc, selenium, brome lain as a food enzyme.

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