Do bananas cause heartburn?

Everybody is aware of the instances when friends and even health workers recommend to eat bananas if there are problems with the digestive system. Also, many people suggest bananas to get rid of heartburn. But some of those who have used this advice complain that instead of the improvement their state deteriorates. Moreover, many noted the appearance of heartburn after eating bananas. It is worth checking out why this happens.

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Many of us believe that bananas can't increase the acidity. Doctors suggest eating bananas if you have heartburn because they gently envelop the stomach. However, it turns out that it's hard to tolerate these tropical fruits for the pancreas. Therefore, if you eat a lot of bananas, the pancreas gets overloaded and, as a consequence, inflamed. This leads to the fact that the pancreas ceases to function properly and produce the necessary digestive enzymes. As a result, the food is digested worse and stays longer in the stomach. In the end, the stomach is too overloaded, and the level of acid increases. The ejection of acid into the esophagus begins. This process is heartburn.

Banana is a healthy fruit

Bananas are useful for people who suffer from diseases related to digestion. Also, they can help with heartburn. These tropical fruits contain many beneficial substances:

  • vitamins B and PP
  • antioxidants
  • macro - and micronutrients
  • fats, proteins, carbohydrates
  • fiber, which helps the intestines.

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It all can be found only in a fruit that ripened in a natural way. However, the fact that these fruits can't stay fresh for a long time. So before they are delivered from where they were growing, they are picked green. Also, they are treated with gas or chemicals. Of course, after this treatment, they get to the shops fresh. But their food quality significantly deteriorates. You should also know that unripe fruit contains starch which is digested by a large difficulty.

Why can bananas cause heartburn?

Chemical processing and improper storage conditions of bananas create a lot of problems for the stomach.

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What are the other causes of heartburn from bananas?

  • bananas constitute a significant burden on the pancreas
  • if you eat too many of them, it can cause the exacerbation of pancreatitis
  • the lack of digestive enzymes leads to the fact that bananas are hard to digest by the stomach
  • the stomach is overloaded. This load leads to increased acidity of gastric juice
  • the release of acid in the region of the esophagus
  • bloating from bananas. This condition is a manifestation of heartburn, and it is very unpleasant.

Thus, the real cause of heartburn can be consumption of bananas. These fruits are a great snack, but they can't substitute a full dinner. There is a rule: the banana is a fruit that contains many nutrients, so after you eat it it is not recommended to eat other food for a few hours.

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If you feel that there is heartburn, then you need to take some medicine. In this case, the load on the stomach will be much smaller. Many people believe that fruits can satisfy your hunger. It's true, but try not to eat them on an entirely empty stomach. If the banana was eaten on an entirely empty stomach, have a good dinner in about 20 minutes.

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Unripe bananas contain resistant (i.e., not digested) starch that promotes the formation of gassing and, therefore, contributes to the appearance of heartburn.

Bananas are not low-calorie foods — 100 grams of product can contain more than 120 calories. And contrary to popular belief, after eating the bananas, you still want to eat, because after only 30-40 minutes blood sugar levels increase(it increases the appetite). If you eat this fruit frequently, it is likely to put on weight, and weight and heartburn go hand in hand.

Ripe bananas have a pH around 5, which can also provoke the appearance of heartburn if you suffer from the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Bananas can sometimes lead to swellings of the intestine as the digestion of their body takes a lot of time. A little stagnation in the intestines can also trigger burning chest pain.

So, do bananas cause heartburn? Yes, because in addition to the above, this is the fruit that irritates the walls of the stomach.

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What other problems can bananas cause?

These fruits can not only cause heartburn but also trigger the swelling of the stomach. They are hard to digest. People with sensitive stomachs can have an attack of gastritis or ulcers. In most cases, bananas don't cause many problems, and healthy people can eat them, but in a certain amount. Don't eat bananas too often to avoid most of the possible negative consequences.

They are contraindicated for diabetics. The fact that bananas contain a lot of sugar in addition to the starch. They are harmful to those who suffer from clots in the blood. Also, the fruit contains a substance which affects the production of hemoglobin.

On the other hand, bananas are useful to people who suffer from anemia. Thus, the question of their benefit or harm is solved only taking into account characteristics of the organism. However, there are people who can't live without them.

For people with increased sugar and excess weight, not ripe bananas will be much more useful. There's not as much starch in them, so they are much easier absorbed by the body. In addition, nutritionists suggest a diet in which there are unripe fruits.

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How to avoid heartburn from eating bananas

Bananas still do not cause heartburn in most people. If you have no problem with that, then eat them with pleasure. But in order not to provoke the appearance of heartburn from bananas, especially if you have gastroesophageal reflux disease or other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, then consider the following tips:

  • eat bananas seldom and in small quantity
  • eat them as dessert, not as the primary food
  • if you ate a banana on an empty stomach, make sure that body gets regular food after 20 minutes

Of course, hardly anyone will be able to grow a palm tree to eat clean, natural product. But it is not necessary to deprive yourself of pleasure is a special treat. Everyone knows that everything is good in moderation. Do not eat bananas often and avoid such complications as the heartburn.


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