Do energy drinks make you fat?

Do you know about energy drinks' side effects? Have you ever heard that they can make you fat? Read the article and become convinced.

Energy drink

A sip and you're awake and fresh for hours. What is the magic? It is possible to sleep less and get more done. But how you will pay for the vigor?

The answer is disappointing: the payoff comes in the form of cardiovascular diseases, shattered nervous system, weak immune system, and even dependence on these drinks.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine constricts blood vessels, increases blood pressure, thus making you feel refreshed. But, alas, not for a long time. After a while there is a "rollback", one feels lethargy and weakness, and even more than before taking an energy drink.

What's more, caffeine removes water from the body, it has a diuretic effect. But many of us take energy drink for thirst overcoming. It turns out that there is a opposite effect, thirst is not going anywhere, but the body is dehydrated even more.

Another danger: caffeine is addictive. The body begins to require more and more energy. If you drink it often, then one can will soon be insufficient for you. You will need to increase the dose. To even a greater amount of harmful substances.

  • Guarana grass

Lots of cans

It contains a lot of caffeine. Three times more than coffee. It is an amino acid or vitamin-like substance. It improves energy metabolism in the body and affects pressure. The problem is that the content of taurine in the drink several times exceeds the permissible daily allowance for humans.

  • Glucuronolactone

If you drink two cans of drink, you will exceed the daily intake of glucuronolactone in almost 500 times. Scientists can't say exactly what consequences will appear after the combination of these two ingredients: taurine and glucuronolactone, and in such huge doses. It is unknown how each substance can increase the effects of another. So it is very unsafe.

  • Vitamins

Usually energy drinks contain vitamin C and vitamins of group B, there is no doubt, vitamins are helpful. But not in a chemical company. Vitamin B in large quantities causes trembling of the limbs, palpitations, and allergic reactions. Vitamin C reacts with preservatives and flavorings as a result it develops into carcinogenic substances.

  • Ginseng extracts

They are often considered as useful components as they are herbs. But really invigorating action of these herbs is similar to the principle of energy drink.

  • Carbon dioxide

Get rid of them

It ensures very fast absorption into the blood of all of the elements of energy drink. At the same time, carbon dioxide is bad for the gastric mucosa. It causes the stomach to produce more gastric juice. The acidity increases, and this can lead to gastritis and ulcers. However, this side effect has virtually any soda.

  • Alcohol

Red Bull

Energy drinks with alcohol are the most dangerous. The fact that our body really does not tolerate a double blow of caffeine and alcohol. And if we add a cigarette...All these things greatly narrow the blood vessels. And in case of frequent use of energy drinks it can result in the stroke and other serious problems. In many countries, for example, in the US, energy drinks containing alcohol are prohibited.

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Where does the cheerfullness come from?

For 3-4 hours after taking of the energy drink we feel some strength. But these forces are not taken from the drink. Energy drink mobilizes the last remnants of the forces of our body, those energy reserves, which usage was postponed for the rainy day. It squeezes the body dry.

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