Does low-fat diet really work for weight loss?

If you have some extra weight you need to keep to a diet. If you look into details you will be shocked. Not all diet types work. An interesting information about low-fat diet may surprise and wonder you at the same time. Is a low-fat diet good for you? Read the article to make a choice.

low fat diet

Is a low-fat diet useful? Do the low fat products affect our health?

Does low-calorie diet help to weigh loss?

Often, getting rid of additional ballast, which spoils the graceful curves of the body,  we choose a low-fat diet. Are we right or wrong?

This choice is influenced by numerous tips about reducing total caloric intake in eliminating fats. If the yogurt or cottage cheese take low-fat, if the milk, half-percent fat.

Why diets for weight loss are so fond of fat-free foods? This is primarily because 1 gram of fat contains nine calories, but 1 gram of protein or carbohydrates contains only four calories.

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low fat diet

Does a low-fat diet work?

The main intrigue of the products without fat and this is proven in numerous studies is that they do not bring satiety. It is necessary to adopt to anyone who wants to lose weight at home.

That is, including in your diet only low-fat foods often triggers the lifting of bans. It is understood that you can eat as much as you want. If really to count the number of calories, for example, low-fat dairy products often include more calories than we expect.

Lack of fat, manufacturers compensate by adding sugar and starch. As you know, excess carbohydrates with extreme ease are deposited in the most casual places, and the extra pounds and the ill-fated orange peel on the buttocks and treatment of cellulite are very problematic. Studies show that a diet consisting of only low-fat products, as a result, does not reduce the total calories quantity consumed per day, but, oddly enough, increases the daily diet up to almost 200 calories. This happens mainly due to the increased hunger which we feel while total abstinence from foods containing fat.Active fat burning occurs when you reduce the number of calories consumed, so pay attention first of all not to low-fat markers, but to the quality of carbohydrates that should not be simple (sugar, bread flour, biscuits, etc.).

low fat diet

Is a low-fat diet good for you?

Lovers of fully defatted products lurks a very nasty trap – suddenly, instead of reducing the body weight scale may start to show an increase pounds. The reason lies in the constant improvement of insulin with continued refusal to fats. As a result, the metabolism and the arrow of scales persistently creep in the opposite to all expectations way.

Also, the rejection of fat-containing products invariably leads to difficulties in caring for skin and body, deterioration of hair. And is completely fat-soluble vitamins that are absorbed only in the presence of fat in the diet. This vitamin E, vitamin D, and vitamin K, essential for normal functioning of the body.

low fat diet

If the issue of inappropriate complete elimination of fat in food the answer is obvious, then the question arises about what types of fats you want to include in your diet.

Fats there are saturated and unsaturated. All unsaturated fats need to be used. Unsaturated, in turn, can be monounsaturated, which are contained, for example, in nuts and olive oil, and polyunsaturated, particularly in fatty fish. Unsaturated fats lead to normal cholesterol levels, providing the thereby positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

low fat diet

As for saturated fats, they are found in butter, bacon, chocolate, cheese, and fatty meats. When consuming saturated fats, it is worth remembering that in large quantities it can lead to higher cholesterol levels, however, a small amount of unsaturated fat the body needs for the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland.

Thus, a diet based on the absolute exclusion of fat from the diet, negatively affect the shape and health, but low-fat products are the best suited for periodically arranging fasting days, for example, for a late dinner.

Choosing the product with 0% fat, you should pay attention to total calories, and choose not yogurt with starch and sweeteners and cheese and yogurt without additives.

low fat diet

Low-fat diet leads to gaining weight.

We used to think that if a product is fat-free, it is useful. Millions of people put themselves on a low-fat diet, believing that they care about health and beauty. And all because a huge number of pseudo – nutritionists from morning till evening tell us that fat is harmful to the body.

But really, they are very far from the truth. In food, there are three nutritional ingredients — proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. And they are all essential for the body. Fat is also on this list. So the idea is to eliminate from your diet high-fat food is a mistake. But that's not all. Because of clear desire to lose weight, buying only low-fat foods, people are gaining weight. A paradox, but it is.

low fat diet

And not only because of carbohydrates, which are not very useful for figures. It is dangerous for those who have very high blood glucose levels. The use of these carbohydrates contributes to the degree of sugar in the blood.  As a result, there is an excess of insulin in the body, which entails the accumulation of fat. Manufacturers of low-fat products use people's desire to lose weight. They play a trick and make a lot of money. So, low-fat and, consequently, and unhealthy foods won't disappear from store shelves. It only remains to be vigilant and to buy the products with average fat content. A low-fat diet is harmful not only for a figure but also for health.

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