Does Western Diet increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease?

The typical Western diet - high in fat and sugar - is dangerous not only for health but it's hazardous to your life. This food can destroy your body, health, and life in general. Read in this article how to protect your life from the world's deadly trend.

Unhealthy western diet

The researchers reported that the modern "WESTERN" diet brings great harm to the human body. The Western pattern diet also called Western dietary pattern, or the meat-sweet diet causes a lot of damage. Most people who follow the principles of this diet nutrition, they sick of Alzheimer's.

In the whole world, 42 million people suffer from dementia, the most famous name Alzheimer’s disease. Rates of Alzheimer’s disease are rising worldwide. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common early symptom is difficulty in remembering recent events (short-term memory loss). The most important risk factors seem to be linked to diet, especially the consumption of meat, sweets, and high-fat dairy products that characterize a Western Diet.

meat-sweet diet is bad for you

The typical Western diet is high in fat and sugar brings people to the grave prematurely. Familiar foods that we eat every day, directly affect the disease in the elderly. This definition involves a significant amount of meat, eggs, fried and salty foods. Also for this type of nutrition consumption characteristic purified bread fat dairy products, sweet dessert, chips and so forth. The so-called Western diet is the most harmful to health, Canadian scientists say. According to researchers, it is the cause of problems of the cardiovascular system in 35% of cases.

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According to the study, the researchers concluded that meat, eggs, salted and roasted vegetables "western diet" is primarily responsible for about a third of all heart attacks: with regular use of fried and high-calorie foods with no vegetables and fruits risk of heart disease increased by 35 %. The typical Western diet contains a lot of fat and sugar. It contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease is a major health threat after 40. It is proved that if a man in his youth does not overeat and feeds mainly natural products, it can prevent the disease of aging.

harmfull western pattern diet

Meanwhile, the "Eastern Diet", contains a small amount of meat and oils, a short heat treatment, as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of these diseases by 30%. Also, the world knows "Mediterranean" diet. The basic diet consists of fish, fruit, vegetables and olive oil. In general, the diet, the diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, beans, fish and low-fat dairy products, the "Mediterranean diet" reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease about twice as compared to the "western" type of food. Also, traditional style food in countries such as India, Japan, and Nigeria, where almost do not eat meat, helps reduce the risk of illness to 50%.

Famous scientists who study diet residents identified some dangerous trends in the demand for harmful products are dictated by the spread of the Western diet:

  • Rooting Western diet occurs primarily in developed economies. Over the past 50 years in most developed countries, the citizens of the consumption of meat products increased significantly. While the indicators are lagging behind in the economic development of countries remained virtually unchanged, residents of these countries have the Western diet. They are forced to eat healthy foods, but it is so small that 20% of the world's population are starving or are on the verge of starvation.
  • Income growth is directly proportional to the consumption of harmful calories, penetrating into the body with the use of products from the category of fast food, the main achievement of the western diet.
  • With the increase in per capita income enhances the number of calories consumed by people. According to the research, the consumption of calories, how harmful or useful, should be reduced. Unfortunately, the Western diet has high-calorie foods that lead to obesity and disease wild population.

western diet

The modern western diet, saturated starch in bakery products, can cause myopia in children, according to Australian researchers. The central problem is insulin, which is responsible for some hormonal disorders. Scientists believe that an excessive amount of insulin in the blood leads to a lengthening of the eyeball of children because it affects the growth of these tissues. Losing focus and there is myopia. Also, Australian researchers found that adherence to the so-called Western diet in 14-year-olds leads to the fact that the level of cognitive development is significantly inferior to their peers, choose another menu. But if the human the menu has a large number of fruits and green leafy vegetables, it is the contrary, accelerates the cognitive development of the brain.

Additionally, Western pattern diet proved adverse effect at immune system and bacterial balance in the intestines. As a result of the immune system begins to supply interfere with intestinal microflora resulting in substantially increased the risk of various autoimmune diseases and inflammation. Moreover, scientists have proved that acquired as a result of malnutrition disease can be inherited. That is disturbed as a consequence of the health impact of diet in the latter and the descendants of the adherent power.

Healthy food

Replacement of the meat-sweet diet to a more healthy increases the chances of preventing the development of metabolic syndrome, heart disease by 2 times, and reduces mortality. The ideal diet is very simple. For breakfast, nutritionists recommend combining dairy products and cereals, egg dishes or corn. For lunch have to be a light soup as a side dish to the main course - vegetables. Before lunch is a snack of fruit, and then - you can drink fermented baked milk or eat a handful of nuts. For ideal dinner you need to eat fish and vegetables, not later than nine p.m. And from sweet fruits, potatoes and bread are better to abstain. And if you allow yourself treats, it is only in the morning.

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