Eat bananas: how to become healthier in a simple way?

Why eating two bananas a day can keep you healthy and prevent many diseases? Learn the facts now!

Eat bananas

Times change and so do people. Nowadays people value their health. No one likes to be ill, especially if the illness can be simply prevented by fitness and balanced nutrition. Bananas are a great food to be included into your everyday diet. Eat bananas – and you will feel better and avoid many problems. For example…

Stop problems – eat bananas

1. The lack of the vitamins

Bananas contain many key vitamins that have huge influence on the body: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium in good supply.  


2. Ulcer, cancer, heart problems…

Potassium and magnesium are necessary for heart. If you have not enough of them, you get the headaches, weak heart and general infirmity. There is no need to eat kilos of bananas but one or two per day would be useful.

Also bananas take away swellings (and it’s better to prevent cancer than to cure it), prevent you from ulcer and diarrhea.   

3. Laxity

If you have no energy, that is a real problem as it is impossible to be productive in that case. But it is not so much that you need to change your life or slow down. Just eat bananas – they are very high in energy. If you are not sure what to take with you for a break, choose bananas as they are much better than fast-food, and even one or several bananas are enough to load your brain and stop hunger.

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4. Bad mood

Most of us know that chocolate is a great antidepressant as it starts producing serotonin, the hormone of happiness. Eating bananas also helps you to defeat the depression.

5. Excessive weight

Exhausting diets often have little or no effect as people stop eating sweets at all and don’t consume something instead of them. As a result, people get frustrated, they get on and off the diet. Bananas are low in calories and take the hunger away so that you get slimmer and stop craving the sweets.  That’s why they are to be included into the ration if you want to get slimmer without distress. And eating two bananas a day would help you to lose belly fat, but retain your curves.

6. Heat

Bananas can regulate the temperature of the body, so when you feel hot, just eat a few of them to bring it back to normal. It’s a great trick for the hot climate.

Eat bananas 2016

7. Asthma

It is proved that eating one or several bananas a day cut down your chances of developing asthma in future by 34%. Such food is a great investment into your health!

8. High blood pressure

Also bananas regulate the blood pressure, make it lower. High blood pressure is one of the top diseases that kill people in the modern world. By eating fruits, such as this, you reduce your chances of suffering from it. And your body is supplies with all the necessary nutrients to keep the blood vessels healthy.

9. Fragile bones

When it comes to bones, everyone thinks of milk, cheese or something like these. Although bananas, when eaten time to time, are a good helper in solving the problem of the lack of calcium. It’s a more affordable source of it for Africans.


10. Poor memory

Your memory cannot exist without vitamin B6. Its deficiency makes you slower and absent-minded. But there is much B6 in bananas, and it is enough to make you forget about this problem for good. This food can help you to achieve more at your job or University.

11. Impaired vision

Bananas contain some amount of vitamin A, and it’s enough to improve your vision greatly if you consume the fruits regularly.

So it is now simply seen that bananas support our health greatly and in many ways. You will make sure of that as soon as you start making use of them. But remember: too much water drowned the miller. Don’t eat too many bananas per day as they contain potassium. It’s the most radioactive food we eat! The short of it is bad although the plenty is also harmful enough. Take care of yours and be healthy and happy!

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