Healthy food: What 3 ingredients we need to substitute in our pastry?

Are you fond of cooking? Absolutely sure you know a lot of cooking tips. Sometimes you need to substitute baking ingredients. Here you will find recommendations.


To cook delicious cakes, you must have a set of basic ingredients: eggs, flour, sugar. Plus, the recipes often requires additional components: fats, oil, soda, starch, gelatin. The list goes on; all depends on taste and preferences. However, it is not always the necessary ingredient is at hand at the mistress. There is a way if you know what you can substitute baking ingredients.

Need to replace eggs other products may also occur because of allergies or if the person is a follower of veganism. Egg as a baking ingredient acts as a binder component and imparts fluffiness. So you need to choose the ingredients that will perform the same functions.

This substitution is valid for recipes that do not require the use of more than two eggs. Perfect for making pancakes, fritters, biscuits, cakes and plain biscuits. 
Here are a few options for substitution eggs in the test (all products in this in the calculation of replacement for one egg).

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Vinegar and baking soda: 

Take an apple or white wine vinegar one tablespoon.
One teaspoon of baking soda mixed with vinegar.
The mixture is added before baking.
Vinegar and soda are an excellent replacement for eggs


A banana or an apple:

Take half a banana and smash
The puree is injected into the dough (¼ cup puree equals one egg). It is also used puree from pre-cooked or baked apples.

Flax seeds:

Flax seeds grind in a coffee grinder.
The resulting powder is diluted with water: 2 tablespoons of flax powder and three tablespoons of water.
Let stand before turning into a gel and add to the dough.

Starch (corn or potato):

One tablespoon of starch to dilute three tablespoons of water.
Send in the dough together with the baking powder, as starch does not raise the dough.
Often eggs in baking mayonnaise substitute, soy flour, oat flakes soaked in water. One advantage of such replacement is reduced calorie. Sometimes these meals even win in the taste. 


A list of baking ingredients to substitute wheat flour in pastry

Flour is an integral component of any baking, but it contains significant amounts of carbohydrates. Therefore, an old mistress, resort to various tricks to make the dish not only tasty but also useful. There are several ways to replace the flour.
Nut flour.
Prepared by any of the varieties of nuts by grinding the kernels to a smooth consistency. In stores, you can buy a ready product. Ideal for baking biscuits, shortcake baskets, cakes for cakes.
To replace flour in baking can be chopped in a coffee grinder cereals: buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, corn.
Semolina flour is often used when baking apple pies, fritters, pancakes. 
Many chefs add starch in baking recipes instead of flour. It is especially useful for making biscuit dough; it turns out air and lush.
Baking sugar-free flour is easily replaced by all bran.


Baking ingredients to substitute sugar

Sugar is an indispensable attribute of the baking; it gives the dish a sweetness and crispness. It also prevents the formation of gluten, which makes baked goods dense. But supporters of a healthy diet offer some products that can replace sugar in products.
Honey replaces sugar in the preparation of cakes, muffins, gingerbread, cookies. To take Cup of Sugar ¾ Cup of honey in the recipe reduce the amount of liquid.
Syrups: maple, date palm, agave, artichokes, carob. Unlike sugar has a rich taste and a full-fledged composition, retain moisture, not allowing the product to grow stale.
Stevia: a plant native to South America, can be used in powder, syrup or infusion. Stevia can be grown at home in a pot, dry the leaves and prepare the powder.
Dried fruit.
Dried fruits: dates, apricots, raisins, apricots, prunes, apples. Finely chopped into cubes, if necessary, to soak.


It is easy enough to substitute important in baking ingredients: eggs, flour, and sugar. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments and try different recipes. If you select a replacement, first replace one thing, or cut it in half. This will make favorite dishes not only good but fewer calories.

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