How to cook Nigerian Banga soup?

South East of Nigeria is the motherland for native Banga soup. How to make? What is the best recipe for Banga soup Nigerians love? Keep reading to find out.

banga soup

First of all, we really should mention that Banga soup is also known as Ofe Akwu in other parts of Nigeria. It is made of palm oil; however, not just the regular palm oil.

You probably know that other Nigerian recipes contain red palm oil. This palm oil is extracted from the pulp of the palm fruit at a very high temperature. This palm oil is not good for the Banga soup. You should use a different kind. This kind of palm oil is also received from the palm fruit pulp at a very low temperature, though.

Banga soup Nigeria

So, once you picked the right palm oil, we can proceed to the rest of the ingredients needed to make the best Banga soup ever. You will need:

  1. Beef
  2. Ogiri Okpei
  3. Scent leaves (you can also take dried bitter leaves instead)
  4. Spices
  5. Dry fish
  6. 1 kilogram of palm fruits
  7. 2 tbsp. ground crayfish
  8. Couple of onions
  9. A few stock cubes

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You should start with extracting the fruit concentrate from the fruits you chose. As an option, you can buy ready-to-be-used tinned extract. Then proceed to cooking the meat with one onion and stock cubes. See when they are done and set aside.

Move to the scent leaves. They need to be cut into tiny pieces in order to add this special flavor and smell to your soup. These leaves are a visiting card of Nigeria; therefore, you might face difficulties finding it outside the country. It might taste a bit different than what it would be like with the scent leaves.

banga soup recipe

Then cut the rest of your onion, crayfish, and spices in a separate bowl. Put the fruit extract in a pot and cook until you seen red oil on the surface. You can cook for as long as you want. You can regulate how thick your stew should be; thus, after it is done, turn the heat down a little and let it stew.

When your stew is as thick as you want it to be, add the meat and other ingredients from that pot. Let them boil; you can also add spices if you think there is not enough.

Add the vegetables of your choice with the scent leaves and leave it to simmer for a few moments. Your soup is done!

You can eat it with your white rice or add starch, pounded yam or semolina.

Nigerian banga soup

This soup stands for the greatness of the Nigerian cuisine. It is absolutely unique and amazing. There is no such other notion in the world, each recipe is unique and no European cuisine can ever do something even close to Nigerian cuisine. The secret is in its diverse ingredients list, spices and cooking style. Try making this soup – and enjoy the taste of Nigeria!

There are a few versions of this soup depending on the region, so recipes online can differ. This is a standardized version. However, you can try Delta Banga Soup or any other one you can find online. Bon appetit!


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