How to cook on open fire in Nigeria

Kerosene is getting up in price, why not try the open fire cooking? Get the tips and recipes now.

Do you like natural and healthy food? Then you should try open fire cooking! It has become very popular nowadays, as it allows not only saving money on electricity, but also spending wonderful time on open air. Do you want to know peculiar things about campfire cooking? Find out the most delicious recipes from our article right now.

cook on open fire

Why cook on open fire

There exist plenty of reasons, why people choose open fire cooking. Let’s consider the common ones:

How to cook on open fireTaste. Anyone, who has ever tried such kind of food, will remember the taste forever. It is very fresh and special. It's impossible to compare it with homemade food or, especially, semis.

Health benefits. All the meals, cooked on campfire, are able to save all the essential vitamins. Thus, you can consume tasty and healthy dishes at the same time.

Money. The price of kerosene has become relatively high. According to the recent news, the government has ended subsidies, increasing the costs for such kind of fuel. So, open fire cooking gives an opportunity to economize. It concerns not only kerosene, but also electricity and other energy resources.

These are the most common reasons why people decide to select such way of cooking.

Methods of fire pit cooking

There exist more than just one way to make food outdoors. We will observe the most widespread ones. They are:

 Direct heat. Direct heat. It is traditional method, which the majority of people prefer. Besides, it is the oldest form of cooking. It is usually done in woods, or somewhere far from home. Now special equipment is necessary. However, remember that it might be dangerous. That’s why it's forbidden in certain places.

Boiling. For this type, you will require a special camp pot, made of lightweight material. It is almost the same as at home. Nevertheless, material used do not let foods to be burnt.

Roasting. It is thought to be the easiest method. You can roast food on long skewers, which is held above the flames. Thus, you may cook, for instance, marshmallow or hotdogs. Pie irons might be applied here as well.

Grilling.Grilling. In such case, you will need grills. It is actually very easy to use. The most peculiar thing about grilled food is that it can pick up flavors from the smoke. However, be very careful, because it can catch fire.

Frying. You can cook fish, pancakes, and wild herbs the same as at home! Here you will require oil or margarine and a frying pan. The same as boiling pots, it is usually made of thin metals.

Baking. Baking sheet pans might be used. Besides, it's also possible to put some food like potatoes under the campfire. It will take time, but in a couple of hours, it will be baked.

These are the most popular methods. You can select one you find appropriate for you.

How to cook on an open fire?

First thing, you should do is to prepare the campfire. Follow the steps:

How to cook on open fire 1Find a proper place, which will be far enough from bushes. Trees must not overhang the site as well.

• Make a perimeter, creating the shape with rocks.

• Take large flat rock and put it at the rear of the fire pit. It will act as chimney. Its main purpose is to help direct the smoke up and away.

• Put a piece of paper or tinder to fill fire area.

• Lay kindling over paper in layers, alternating direction with each layer (all the area needs to be covered).

open fire Do not forget to prepare water.

• Light the paper/tinder to start fire.

• After some time, add firewoods (thicker pieces). It would be better if they have the same size.

• As soon as coals appear, use stick to push them into higher level at the back end and lower level at the front. It will create various levels of heat, the same as in the stove.

Now, when you campfire is ready, you may start cooking. The only thing that you must do is to choose the method you like the most.

Campfire recipes

Now let’s consider the most delicious dishes, which you can cook on open fire. Their list includes the following:

1.Campfire potatoes. It is probably the most famous dish ever. It is hard to find a person, who does not like it. Moreover, it is very easy to make. You will need the ingredients:

• large potatoes (the amount depends on number of people and their appetite),

• onion,

• parsley, dill, salt (according to the taste),

• bacon bits (optional).

Preparation: slice the potatoes almost all way through, leaving enough to keep the slices together. Then slice the onion and put it between potatoes. Sprinkle everything with dill and bacon bits. Take aluminum foil and wrap potatoes into it. Bury it in coals and wait for an hour. Check if you dish is ready from time to time.
Campfire potatoes.

2.Heavenly fish. It is the best choice for family dinner. You will need:

• fish (trout),

• cherry tomato,

• lemon,

• garlic,

• Sprite/7up,

• salt.

 Take heavy foil. Wrap the fish. Put sliced tomato, lemon, and garlic into the foil. Add some salt and about 1/3 cup of Sprite. Put it on the coals for about 15 minutes.
Heavenly fish cook on open fire

3.Apple sweet. It is a dessert, which might be easily made on campfire. You will require:

• apple,

• sugar,

• cinnamon.

Make a small hole in an apple and get rid of the seeds. Take a tinfoil and put apple on it. Mix cinnamon with sugar according to your taste. Pour the mixture into the hole. Wrap the whole apple into the foil. Put it on fire for 10 minutes. You will get wonderful and tasty sauce.
Apple sweet cook on open fire

4.Campers stew. This meal is adored by many people. To cook it, you must have:

• hamburger,

• vegetables,

• mushrooms,

• salt,

• pepper,

• butter.

Crumble the hamburger, put all the vegetable you have with you on it (carrots, onions, broccoli etc.). Add some mushrooms, salt, pepper, and a teaspoon of butter on the top. Wrap everything tightly into the foil and stick on coals. Add some ketchup and enjoy!

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Campers stew.

5.Orange brownies. It's another dessert. Take the following ingredients:

• orange,

• brownie mix.

Cut the top of the orange and scrape out the insides with a spoon. Fill it with brownie mix. Put the top back and wrap the orange into the foil. It will require 20 minutes in the coals to be ready.
Orange brownies cook on open fire

Essential tips

There are several things that you must take into account while cooling on campfire. They are:

  1. Fresh leaves. It is advisable to wrap meat, fish or vegetables into leaves. They will give them special natural taste.
  2. cook on open fire howCampfire grills are inexpensive and lightweight. It is a good way for those, who are looking for how to cut down on expenses.
  3. It's better to use thick foil not to let your food being burnt.
  4. Some foods might be cooked without a foil (such as chilies or peppers).
  5. Freeze the prepared products the day before you are going to cook outdoors.

Such advice will allow you enjoying fresh and tasty food any time you use campfire techniques.

Open fire cooking is a wonderful opportunity for saving money and getting fresh and healthy meal. Taking into account big cost of kerosene and electricity, it might become a good way out. Try one of the recipes or find your favorite one yourself. Do not forget to keep to the simple rules we have listed and your dishes will always be delicious, and your family will appreciate that. Once you try one of the methods described, you will never want to come back to the boring homemade food.

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After reading the article, just a desire to go with friends on the nature, bake fish fillets, steaks, marinated in herbs, vegetables and mushrooms on an open fire. In general - the beauty. Indeed, the food, which is prepared on an open fire - much more useful work. Yes, not only useful but also delicious. All impregnated with smoke, get new, unusual flavor. If I had the chance, I would every day preparing on the grill outside. But it is quite inconvenient process, and I can eat food cooked over an open fire only on holidays. It is a pity of course. I would like to try all the recipes above. Everyone who eats food cooked over an open fire - bon appetit.

Answered 1 year ago.

Nigeria is considered a country where you can not only nice to relax and unwind, but also to try unusual, tasty dishes. Kitchen Nigeria, however, like West African cuisine in General, is known for its richness and great diversity. Among the typical products: beef, poultry, fish, vegetables, rice and potatoes. In the kitchen of the country used many different herbs, spices and seasonings.

Local cuisine is the Main dish of local cuisine is considered a side dish. He plays a major role. As a side dish typically served with boiled rice or Yam, roasted with vegetables or potatoes of the two varieties (slightly sweet and sweet). On a separate dish to the side dish served with richly flavoured dishes of fish or meat.

Moya-Moya is a traditional dish in Nigeria. This casserole of bean with egg and smoked fish, baked in palm leaves.

Popping - very thin strips of beef, well roasted over an open fire with peanut oil and sprinkled with Cayenne pepper. Also worth a try Nigerian fresh pineapple and fried bananas. They taste different from those familiar to us.

Answered 1 year ago.

It is so interesting and helpful article. Trully, the food which is prepaired on open fire tastes mush better as the same food, which is prepaired at home. The big role, during prepare such dishes, also plays the kind of the tree which is used during the process. The tree also gives to the food some special aroma and even taste. Mostly fruit trees are reccomended to use for prepairing dishes. The recipies from the article sound very tasty and i would with a great pleasure try to prepair all of them.

Answered 2 years ago.
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