How to make agege bread – Make a living on it

Do you know what agege bread is? Read the article to learn about this national baking.

Agege bread is fresh bread, which is made in Lagos. It is cooked with a large amount of yeast and turns out very airy. In spite of the fact that for this baking is used simple dough, this bread is very tasty. It became very popular after emergence of story about agege bread seller on the Internet.

How to make agege bread

Tinie Tempah, the British rapper has arrived to Nigeria on affairs on February. He also intended to carry out photographing here. Instead of holding a photo shoot in fine natural parts of the city, he decided to walk on brisk streets. On one of them, Tempah and his photographer saw the girl. She was proud and majestically stood with a big package of bread on her head and perfectly balanced with it. Men have made a secret picture and posted it in the Instagram.

agege bread seller

Users began to ask whether this girl is model. After such success, the girl was found and invited in studio. As a result, she has appeared on a cover of popular Nigerian magazine. After that, she has concluded a contract with model agency. Now CNN offer has arrived to her. And all this has occurred for several weeks. So this is the story how simple seller has turned into demanded model thanks to agege bread.

Agege bread recipe

Agege bread recipe

Nigeria agege bread recipe is quite easy. You need 4 cups of bread flour, 2 tablespoons of dried yeast, 2 tablespoons of salt, 4 tablespoons of sugar and warm water.

Nigeria agege bread recipe

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For a start, mix all dry ingredients in a big bowl. Then begin to add warm water. Mix it with hand. Achieve that you will create soft and elastic dough, which won't stick to hands. About a third of dry components has to fall on one glass of water. Then roll dough on the surface, which is slightly powdered with flour. Then put it back in a bowl and cover with wet towel wipes. Leave dough approximately for an hour until it rises.

Nigeria agege bread recipe

Then knead it again and place it in a form. Don't forget to lay out parchment paper. Bake it in an oven at temperature of 225 degrees within 40-45 minutes. As soon as bread is ready, take it out from an oven at once. Options of giving of bread are very different. It can be eaten with stewed meat, beans, margarine, tea or cocoa.


I agree that there are times when ordinary people suddenly become famous. Unfortunately, these are isolated cases . I have always believed , and I will assume that things like this happen to a girl at the behest of fate . It is no coincidence all . So it should be. And if tomorrow will come out into the street a dozen women with bread , it does not mean that they will become models or somebody else . This girl was the right time in the right place , that's all . I think if it were not with bread and with something else , it would have certainly noticed . By the way , thanks for the recipe , try to bake .

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