How to make banana pudding?

Do you know anything about English food? It is time to get acquainted. The first and the best in the list is banana pudding. Making banana pudding is easy. It is going to be your favorite.

banana pudding
A favorite English dish is a pudding .  There are a lot of different  kinds of puddings. Each pudding  is worth cooking and tasting. Not a lot of people have tasted it. And even fewer people have thought to cook banana pudding.

There is an impression that this dessert is sophisticated in execution, requires a lot of time and an enormous amount of ingredients.

Besides, the hostess is not confident in the taste benefits of banana pudding and do not risk to spend money, free time and products.

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banana pudding

In many respects, this view is a mistake.

Firstly, it is possible to find a simple banana pudding  dessert  recipe that does not require special efforts and skills.

Secondly, if the taste of the dessert were not worthy, it would not be in the lists of the best desserts.

Thirdly, no special components for the pudding are required.And fourth, cooking experiments – it's fun!

banana pudding

Banana pudding recipe without flour

And it turns out to be delicious banana pudding! It is baked in the oven. It does not seem particularly difficult. Two eggs are divided into yolks and whites. Eggs are whipped until airy with a piece of butter, 60 grams and two tablespoons of sugar. The whites are beaten separately until thick peaks with three spoons of sugar.

Take five ripe bananas, cut slices, add some lemon juice and stir with a mixer or in a blender. Then they mix with egg yolks, then add a cup of breadcrumbs (preferably homemade), pour two glasses of pineapple juice, and last of all very carefully insert whites.

 It is desirable to use a particular form, but this recipe banana pudding is democratic so that you can take a traditional baking dish.  The form is smeared with butter, filled with the mass.

Put a dessert in the oven for half an hour.

banana pudding

A simple banana pudding recipe

If there is no confidence in cooking abilities, but you want to try the banana pudding, a simple method will help you to achieve your goals. Just buy dry pudding cooking mass.

First, a glass of condensed milk is diluted to homogeneity in one, and a half cups of water then is mixed with instant pudding. Whip everything to a cream-like state.  Remove for five minutes to a cool place.

While this time beat two cups of whipping cream. They are mixed with the cooled pudding.

Cut three bananas; a little lemon juice is added. The one-third is poured into a bowl, on the top cookies are laid with banana slices. Repeat twice more the same process.

Cookies are placed on the top. Remove the pudding to harden. And enjoy a pleasant evening with tea and splendid banana pudding.

banana pudding

Sauce for banana pudding

Whichever recipe of banana pudding you choose, you need a sauce. With almost all varieties of the dessert perfectly combines creamy caramel sauce. Take the one-third cup of brown sugar melted in a pan. Do not stir. For uniformity of melting sugar, mass is slightly tilted in different directions. Now carefully pour half a cup of the fat cream, which we can find in the store. Stirring must be continuous. When the sauce is homogeneous,  pour inside a spoon of flavored liqueur.

In a little it is ready.

Help yourself.

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