How to make cassava flour to make cassava fufu

How do you make cassava flour at home? Get the recipe and learn to cook your cassava fufu.

Fufu is very popular dish in African countries. It can be met both on a holiday table, and in everyday life. Fufu made out of cassava flour has a marvelous taste – especially if to eat this dish with soup from palm nuts or with meat or fish and vegetables. It is eaten with hands, pinching off piece by piece.

how to make cassava fufu

Process of preparation of a dish usually takes hours. At first, they cook soup, and then – dough. It is made from cassava flour. Cassava is a plant used in many countries for making of traditional dishes and flour. However, if not to wash up it before use or prepare wrong, it can become deadly. Roots and leaves of a plant contain cyanide, a deadly poison.

cassava root nigeria

Plane tree is also used in cooking. It is a tropical fruit, the close relative of banana, but more roundish and long, with a thick green peel and dense pulp. Usually it is fried and eaten as a vegetable dish. All this is carefully pounded.

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Cassava fufu recipe - best for Nigeria

cassava flour recipe

So, do you want to learn how to make this dish? Let’s look at the recipe!

You need:

  • 300 g of cassava;
  • 300 g of plane trees.

For a start, you need to clear a cassava root. Then cut and remove a core. Put a root in cold water for 3-4 days. It is better to change water 2 times a day.

cassava fufu

After the cassava soaks, it needs to be boiled. Time of cooking makes about 15-20 minutes. In 5 minutes before readiness, add the cut plane tree. Then merge the water and make puree. You can also just knead a mass with fork. Cool and create the balls with wet hands. Your fufu is ready!

Some news about cassava fufu

Recently various grades of instant fufu were widely adopted. The fast food is on sale in bags in the form of powder, which is dissolved in water and warm on a plate literally in five minutes, stirring slowly. If you have a microwave oven, you'll spend even less time on cooking.

nigeria produced cassava

Recently A. Ogbeh, the Minister of Agriculture, has told that Nigeria became the largest producer of cassava in the world. More than 35 species of this plant have been registered in the country. The quantity of the grown-up cassava makes 45 million metric tons. He has also declared that it was a special program to support the growth. It will help to develop partnership of Nigeria in the sphere of agriculture and to keep the country as the first producer of cassava in the world for years.

The minister said that about 10 percent of work at factories will be devoted to production of cassava flour. It will be used for cooking of bread and other dishes.

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