How to make kunu drink?

Do you want to try extremely popular and very tasty Nigerian, traditional kunu drink made with your own hands? Read the article to find the best recipe.

Kunu drink

Kununzaki, more known as kunu drink is a very famous Nigerian delicacy, made from grain or maize.

It is not only extremely tasty one but also is a very wholesome. It helps to prevent cancer, helps people suffering from phlogistic diseases, and normalises digestive system. It includes many vitamins.

Taste it

So you want to try to do it yourself? It is very easy.

First of all, you should drench cleared switch grass for 2 days, changing the water each seven hours. Then wash your seeds and combine them with one potato, two gingers and a big spoon of cloves. Then crush them all into constant consistency. After that, you should bolt the blend and let it ingrain for about six hours.

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Have a try!

Then separate the blend into two equal parts, combine it with hot water and mix it up. Now you need to bolt it all again and get rid of leavings. After that, you should as much sugar as you like and let the kunu freeze in your refrigerator. Now you can taste your kununzaki and share it with your family and friends.

Bon appétit!

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