How to make Nigerian fruit salad?

What is the recipe for the simplest fruit salad for Nigerians? What ingredients are necessary to cook it? Read the information below to learn the most popular recipes for salads, which will serve a brilliant snack or dessert for any table.

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How to make fruit salad in Nigeria?

Fruit salads will decorate both daily and holiday table: they will also be good at a formal dinner party and on a buffet. These salads are pleasant to both adults and children. It is possible to cook such dishes from the most different fruits. How is it necessary to cook them? For salads, select ripe fresh fruit, which is washed, spread it in a sieve. Leave the water to flow down. Then remove a thin skin if it is too rigid, fruit’s stems and seeds. Of course, at the same time, it is necessary to try not to damage fruits. Dried fruits are previously boiled in hot water to softness. What to fill fruit salad with? Sauces with the addition of sour cream, whipped cream, milk, yogurt, honey, chocolate, cocoa, olive oil, fruit juice, and syrups, as well as spices are suitable for this. It is possible to decorate fruit salads with beautifully cut pieces of fruits, segments of lemon or orange, the candied fruits, crushed nuts, a chocolate crumb, and mint leaves. You will find a set of recipes for fruit salads with a photo in this article.

  • This is a simpleNigerian fruit salad recipe. Clear a kiwi, bananas, and a persimmon. Cut a pear in half and remove a core. Slice everything. Add some grape. Yogurt for fruit salad can be chosen according to your taste. Fill salad with yogurt.
  • Cut pineapple lengthways so that the green cop remained whole on one part of the pineapple. By means of a knife and a spoon, delete pulp from pineapple. Make a pineapple bowl for beautiful giving of salad of exotic fruits. Add the pineapple pulp cut into cubes to the salad. Now you can prepare a mango. Cut mango in half along a stone. Cut pulp of mango in cubes and turn out. Now it is absolutely easy to cut out mango pulp. It is time to clear pitahaya and cut it in cubes. The pulp of pitahaya can be white or crimson color, but they practically don't differ in taste. Crimson color of pitahaya is used only for the beauty of salad made of exotic fruits. Cut bananas into pieces. Cut small pink apples on quarters, having left three pieces whole for the decoration of salad from fruits. Carambola in this exotic Nigerian fruit salad is only for ornament. Though at desire it is possible to cut a carambola in cubes and to add to salad. In a big bowl, mix pieces of pineapple, mango, bananas, pink apple, pitahaya, and water with juice of one lime. Then mix fruit salad so that all tastes have united with the sour juice of a lime. Put a salad in a bowl from pineapple and decorate it with carambola and pink apples.

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  • Cut banana, kiwi (cleared) and apple on large pieces, mix with liqueur and put on ice-cream bowls. Orange must be peeled and cut in average pieces; strawberry is largely cut. Put oranges and strawberry on ice-cream bowls and decorate them with whipped cream. It is desirable to allow ready salad staying a little in the refrigerator.
  • Cut passion fruit in two halves and pass pulp through a sieve in the enameled cup or a pan. Sugar and water are added to pulp and the mix is brought to boiling on a slow fire. Cut off a peel from mango and divide it in small cubes. Clear litchi, cut a carambola. Add syrup to everything and cook for 5 minutes on slow fire. Make the fruits rest on a skimmer or a sieve, and cook syrup for 5 more minutes. The salad is served on a table in separate cups. Put fruits in a cup and add the syrup.
  • For this salad, it is important to observe proportions. You need 400 g of strawberry, 2 avocados, 3-4 kiwis, 3-4 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of dried peel of a lemon, 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil, 0.5-1 teaspoons of vinegar balsam, 50-60 g of a mix of green fresh salads, handful of pecans and salt. Slice strawberry. Peel avocado and cut pulp on average pieces. Sprinkle lemon juice and salt slightly. Clean a kiwi; cut it in halves, the same as you did with strawberry. For filling mix honey, a dried peel, olive oil, and vinegar. Quickly mix strawberry, a kiwi and avocado with lettuce leaves and sauce. Strew with largely chopped nuts.
  • We will begin preparation of our fantasy fruit salad with the processing of oranges, of which we will make capacity for our fruits allsorts. We cut an orange citrus into two parts. Accurately take out a pulp. By means of a sharp knife make out edges in the form of cloves. When 'container' for fruit salad is prepared, it is possible to pass to the cutting of components. Begin with orange pulp. Remove unnecessary seeds and white partitions. Further, cut the peeled banana. Apple has property to darken after cutting. Crush this fruit into cubes in the last turn. Fill everything with yogurt. The salad is shifted in an orange container. The top is decorated with garnet kernels or carambola.

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