How to make Suya spice?

What are the ingredients, which need to be used for cooking of Suya spice, which will be maximally similar to original? What are the proportions? Read the information below to learn the recipe of this popular spice.

How to make Nigerian Suya spice

How to make Nigerian Suya spice?

The recipe of Nigerian Suya spice is kept a big secret and only Mallams Hausaland knows it. However, many fans of culinary masterpieces could learn how to cook this seasoning at home. They compared different spices and proportions as a result to receive the recipe, which is submitted to you now.

So, for cooking of 190 grams of spice, it will be necessary:

  • 5 tablespoons of pounded Kuli Kuli (110 g),
  • 5 tablespoons of ginger powder (75 g),
  • 2 tablespoons of flakes of cayenne pepper (6 g),
  • 10 pinches of the African pepper,
  • 1 small cube of bouillon (4 g),
  • Half of a teaspoon of salt.

how to make Suya spice

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And here are some rules how to make Suya spice:

  • Don't add new ingredients not to spoil the taste of original seasoning.
  • To make Kuli Kuli, you need to fry a peanut, to process it, to wring out oil with the help of paper towel or a napkin. Wait when it becomes dry and will get a brown shade. Don't use usually roasted peanuts for seasoning cooking. Wait until it dries at its own, otherwise, you receive paste instead of dry spice as the peanut contains a lot of fat.
  • Ginger has to be precisely grounded in equal quantity with Kuli Kuli.
  • Flakes of the Cayenne pepper are a thin skin of dry product. You need to buy the dry pepper available for sale, and then just to pound it to release from a seed. Then flakes need to be separated from seeds. Such quantity of flakes will give an orange shade to mix. Don't go too far in quantity of flakes. Otherwise, it will make it too spicy.
  • The African pepper is known as Uda in Igbo. Sometimes it can even be met outside Nigeria. However, it happens infrequently. It doesn't give bright tastes, but with its help spice gains characteristic aroma. Without it, couldn't be same saturated. This spice is widely used in Nigeria in the cooking of soups from sweet potato and other national dishes.
  • Also, you should add bouillon brick and salt.

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