If fugu is dangerous, why people eat it?

What do you know about one of the most poisonous dishes in Japanese cuisine? How to prepare fugu if you do not desire to die? Read interesting facts about notorious fish!


Japanese have a very interesting taste in food. They usually eat fish, moreover, they prefer to fish half cooked which for some Japanese may be lethal. According to Japanese news websites, there was a case when a man died from unusual reasons, his brain was full of worms which used to be part of half cooked fish provided in the diet of the man. Even Japanese people from one region of the country consider the food from another region is strangely odd. One of the most extreme dishes for Japanese cuisine is fugu blowfish. The fugu poison can kill a man, and bad cooking of this fish caused death to many people. According to Tokyo city government, there were recorded dozens death caused by ill-cooked fugu. What is the reason for eating such a poisonous delicacy?

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Fugu also claims its fame for unusual appearance. It can make the body bigger to hold back the predators from attacking. Fugu`s skin and inner organ are highly poisonous. Nevertheless, people can`t resist the temptation and try fugu sashimi or fugu nabe. Due to high risk of death, fugu fish can`t be prepared by an unskilled chef. According to Japanese laws, every man who wishes to serve the fugu dish must undergo a complete training and have a certificate.


The fugu delicacy lies within tingling sensation inside your mouth when you swallow a bit. The feelings as if you lick a battery or electrical charge, it`s so tempting. In the other hand, eating fugu is a trend for people who visits Japan. Something you couldn`t miss when you in this country. Also, it`s a very delicious and tasty. The death factor also adds some point of delicacy to the dish and that is the reason why fugu eating gains popularity among extremals. Still, eating fugu fish in large portions is a very expensive luxury. Moreover, swallowing fugu can end with death certainly in some cases as it can be compared with playing Russian roulette.


Nevertheless, the mandatory license of chefs for preparing fugu reduces the risk of eating poison.

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